This article was published on January 6, 2015

The 6 coolest things at the CES Pepcom event that might even come out this year

The 6 coolest things at the CES Pepcom event that might even come out this year
Roberto Baldwin
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Roberto Baldwin

Roberto Baldwin was a reporter for The Next Web in San Francisco between April 2014 and March 2015. Roberto Baldwin was a reporter for The Next Web in San Francisco between April 2014 and March 2015.

CES has three evening events to showcase items you’ll see on at least one of the show floors. The second one is Pepcom’s Digital Experience which hosts a themed event. This year the theme was the 80s.

And while some of the devices on display have probably been vaporware since the time that day-glo ruled world, we’re pretty sure we found six items that stood out.

4 Moms


Ever try to fold up a stroller? You might as well attempt heart surgery on an unsedated cat. Things are sticking out everywhere and eventually you get hurt. The 4 Moms folks have created an automated solution that not folds up but also unfolds with the twist of know and push of a switch.

The Origami Stroller has onboard generators, a smartphone charger, cup holders and an LCD display, and will be available late 2015. Basically, it’s better than your first car.



Okay, stay with me here. The Ditto is a notification device that you pair with your iOS or Android device. It vibrates when a pre-selected contact is trying to get a hold of you. Now if you’re thinking, “Hey, my smartphone already vibrates.” Yes, but this little device has a four to six month battery life and is waterproof. If you’re swimming, in the shower, charging your device or just hate having to walk around the house with your smart phone the Ditto can be clipped to your clothing and you’ll always know when that someone special is trying to get a hold of you.

The device also acts as a digital leash and will alert you when you leave your phone behind. The Ditto will be shipping soon and will set you back $39.95.

LG G Flex 2


It’s the year when everything at CES has curves. LG isn’t about to give up on making you get the curved Android phone you deserve and has announced the second generation of its bent phone with the new LG G Flex 2. The new phone is powered by the Qualcomm 810 processor with 2GB of RAM and has gotten positive initial reviews. So yeah, it’s pretty cool if you’re into that sort of thing.


Parrot Pot


Maybe you’re going on vacation. Maybe you’re bad at keeping your plants alive. Whatever shade of green thumb you have, the Parrot Pot and H20 are the ultimate connected home way to water your plants. While the Pot actually holds your plant in its technologically advanced arms, the H20 works with a water bottle to water your plants exactly when they need it.


Both devices measure the minerals in the soil, the humidity, the temperature and of course the moisture of the plant. A companion app features a plant database that helps the watering machines determine how much your plant actually needs. No word on release or pricing yet, but for hard-core plant lovers, this could your way into the connected home.

Scanadu Scanaflo


Urinanalysis is hot! Well, more lukewarm, but the Scanadu Scanaflo can used to determine various health ailments and can be used to check in on an ongoing health problem like kidney disease or if something new is amiss like dehydration or a urinary tract infection.

The companion app scans the disposable paddles and displays the results of 12 reagents. The results can be shared with doctors via the app and you can get a professional option on what’s going on in your body without getting blood drawn or heading to the doctor’s office.

 Lyve Home


As we take more and more photos, wrangling all of those photos has become nearly impossible huge hassle. The Lyve Home and its companion apps consolidate all your photos in their original resolution into a single library. It even removes duplicates. The drive houses a 2TB drive that has a screen that shows you the highlights of your life.

The drive and service work on Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. In addition, the Lyve Home connects to your network so you can see your photos not only on other devices in your home, but also when you’re out in the world and you want to share that perfect photo with friends.If you’re an avid photographer, the $299 solution to the biggest task — organizing all those photos — might be worth it.

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