This article was published on November 9, 2015

6 Boost startups from Germany worth knowing about

6 Boost startups from Germany worth knowing about
Blanka Szamos
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Blanka Szamos

Martech Specialist @ Direct Impact, enthusiast about technology, innovation, data, and startups

Martech Specialist @ Direct Impact, enthusiast about technology, innovation, data, and startups Martech Specialist @ Direct Impact, enthusiast about technology, innovation, data, and startups

The Next Web Conference USA collects some of the world’s most innovative startups and gives you the chance to meet them.

With selection for the Boost program now over, all 100 companies chosen to take part can be found on the conference website. They’ll be networking with 1,500 attendees from over 25 countries, 350 startups, 50 journalists and 80 investors. And don’t forget to check out our thought-provoking speaker lineup – from General Assembly to Forrester and Giphy.

If you want to take part, simply purchase your tickets while they’re still available. See you in New York on November 18!

Here are the six German Boost startups worth meeting:

Uberchord Engineering startup-uberchord

Uberchord Engineering is a new and innovative tool that helps you learn how to play the guitar.

Based on their blog sessions, there are several tips and hints to make the learning faster also, their app is connected to the microphone that enables a chord-recognition and finger correction while you practice.


Erste Digital


Erste Digital is the first app that enables you to secure products just by using a scan of a barcode. It recognises smartphones easily and fast or you can also  do it manually by entering the product information.

All you have to do is scan, answer a few more questions and you receive an immediate offer for your device.




ExpoContacts is a trade show system based on B2B. It’s a business networking platform where professionals have the chance to set up face-to-face meetings with likeminded people.

This new social platform that reads as a business card for processionals and exhibitors Youthat attend different events and conferences to develop their business network and activities.




Ascribe is a new idea based on the copyright problems that we face with in the digital age.  With this tool, you can protect your own digital creations easily.

By using this tool, you receive a link that can be tracked and secured so your ownership link remains yours.




Youpooly is a new app that helps you create personal digital invitations just with a few clicks.

Design your planned or spontaneous meetings in a short time, send it to the people you wish to invite and track the answers. You see who is joining or not and your guests also receive a reminder through their calendar.


©-Flow by SIMPRO Solutions 2015-10-19 17-51-55

©-Flow is a new software programme for managing copyright issues. Every production company face several problems based on brands, agencies, models or even design and direction.

Negotiation and the different methods just make it more complicated so ©-Flow can help you with copyright calculation, rights management and transparency.


➤ Check out our Attendee list to see who else is joining us in New York!

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