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This article was published on October 27, 2017

5 Steps To Hack Your Facebook Influencer Marketing Campaign

5 Steps To Hack Your Facebook Influencer Marketing Campaign
Vivian Michaels
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Vivian Michaels

Vivian Michaels is a huge tech enthusiast, who likes to write articles on evolving technology. He is a Computer Science graduate from East S Vivian Michaels is a huge tech enthusiast, who likes to write articles on evolving technology. He is a Computer Science graduate from East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania, and since then has been following this technology industry very keenly.

Facebook is not only a platform to be used by the average internet user anymore, but have also become a powerful tool for any type of business that wishes to be a success online. The platform features a variety of useful options and tools that businesses can now utilize to help them gain more recognition for their brands.

According to Zephoria, since June 2017, Facebook has more than two billion monthly active users. This is quite a significant number and it continues to grow by an average of around 17% year-after-year. Furthermore, approximately 1.15 billion Facebook account holders access the website from their mobile phone – as much as every single day.

They also report that as much as five new Facebook accounts are registered for every second of the day that passes. With so many users, it is obvious that here and there you will most definitely find a social media influencer in a variety of niches.

Now that we have looked at vital statistics about Facebook, let’s switch our focus to how you can utilize influencer marketing on Facebook by considering a step-by-step process that can almost guarantee the success of such a campaign.

1. Focus On Improving Your Personal And Business Profiles

Even though you will be primarily directing traffic to your business profile on Facebook and also to your website, which is an external location, through the influencer marketing campaign, it does not mean people will not be able to see your personal profile as well; thus it is important to spend some time to clean up your personal profile and ensure it looks professional. Additionally, you need to ensure your business profile has been set up in an attractive way that represents your brand in a positive light.

2. Keep Posting On Your Facebook Business Page

One of the biggest mistakes you could make when it comes to Facebook influencer marketing is simply creating a new Facebook business page to represent your brand and immediately turning toward an influencer to gain more authority. Think about your reaction when you visit a Facebook page with no useful content – you immediately leave and search for another page that contains relevant information.

Thus, start out by creating some useful content and publishing the content on your Facebook business page – once you have an adequate amount of posts to keep your visitors busy, you may think about moving on to influencers.

3. Always Plan Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Planning for an influencer marketing strategy is very important. Improper planning may lead to excessive and unexpected costs, as well as the inability to truly utilize both the influencer and Facebook for the numerous benefits they feature when these two online marketing strategies are combined. While planning, define exactly what you expect from your influencer marketing strategy – do you wish to reach more customers, would you like to obtain more likes for your Business page or do you need to drive more traffic directly to your website.

You also need to establish the type of content you wish to promote – this could be text, images, videos or Facebook live, or a combination of them – this will be helpful in assisting you with finding the best influencer for your campaign. You should also note that defining your budget during this step can also be very helpful.

4. Time To Find The Perfect Influencer

Once you have your planning in front of you, the next step is to find an influencer who you can use in your influencer marketing strategy. There are different ways to find potential influencers in your industry. One particular way that many internet marketers use, especially those on a smaller budget who cannot afford the expensive fees of agencies that hooks a business owner up with an influencer is by using the top search bar on Facebook to search for phrases related to their niche.

5. Now…Negotiate And Launch

The last step is to choose one of those influencers and then to use them as part of your influencer marketing strategy. Make sure the influencer you choose falls within the criteria you have set previously and that you are able to afford them on the budget previously laid out.

After negotiating with the influencer, you should send them the appropriate content to publish on their Facebook channel – once again, the type of content will depend on your previous planning.


Facebook is the world’s largest social media network, boasting over two billion monthly active users. The network allows for the sharing of virtually any content type, including text, image, and video, and features a variety of offerings that businesses can take advantage of to help them gain a competitive advantage in their industry. When utilizing an influencer in your industry on Facebook, you are instantly gaining access to a new target audience, gaining more trust for your brand and driving more potential customers to your website.

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