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This article was published on August 24, 2015

    5 startups to watch from the US East Coast

    5 startups to watch from the US East Coast
    Blanka Szamos
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    Blanka Szamos

    Events Intern

    Each week The Next Web team interview some of the most innovative early-stage startups from all over the world, in preparation for our Boost program co-hosted by Braintree at TNW Conference in New York.

    We’ve received many hundreds of applications, but our conference floor will host just 100 of the best startups – and 80 of those spots are already full. For the third edition of TNW USA, 1500 people will join us from over 25 countries to enjoy the conference, TNW-style.

    Aside from the awesome keynote content and workshops on offer, our attendees will come to explore the innovation being offered by our early-stage startups on our business floor. Take a look at five of these startups from the East Coast that you can meet this November:


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    Gadget Flow (Delaware) gadgetflow

    The Gadget Flow is a platform that helps you discover the best products of the web with 12 new additions every day. Sign in to generate your own wish list and a custom feed.



    Bluup (Harrisburg) bluup

    Bluup is a platform for local businesses to manage advertising and marketing to their consumers using iBeacons. Receive the latest deals straight to your phone.



    Flyp (Boston) flyp

    Flyp lets you instantly add more phone numbers to your smartphone, for every part of your life–work, friends, family and more. Keep your personal number personal–and let Flyp help you organise the rest.




    InsightXM (Westport) insightxm

    InsightXM fills the gap between event management and audience feedback. Turn your event intelligence and data into useful feedback through a nifty combination of data science, machine learning and human insight.




    Brainjuizes (Lewes)

    Brainjuizes is a social learning and problem solving community for creative young minds. Their goal is to close the gap between education, young people and the world of work.


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