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This article was published on April 22, 2011

5 Social Media Videos You Have to Watch

5 Social Media Videos You Have to Watch

Rather than attending conferences I like to consume video online because I find that it gives you the exact same experience but from the comfort of your home or office and at a fraction of the cost. The online downside being that you miss out on the networking. The big problem is that there are literally 1000s of videos about social media floating around every day of the week and most of them are not worth watching. I’ve been bookmarking some over the last couple of months, compiling this list for your viewing pleasure.

You might not get through all of these in one sitting but I can assure you that each one of them is worth watching in its own way. Some are serious, some will fill you full of inspiration and some are just plain hilarious. So here are 7 of the best social media videos I have come across in the last couple of months…

1. Keynote Interview with Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley

This long keynote interview at Social Media Week 2011 in NYC gives you some great insight in to the thinking of somebody who is developing a product that is changing how people using mobile.

2. Reid Hoffman And Tim O’Reilly Talk Web 3.0

In this video they discuss data and its importance and how it could be Web 3.0.

3. Kevin Rose Interviews Twitter Founder

This is the first in a series of videos by Kevin Rose where he interviews some of the most interesting people in tech. In this video we get some great insights in to the person who founded Twitter Jack Dorsey.

4. Mitch Joel Keynote

This is a very engaging talk by Mitch Joel who is known for everything from blogging to having a large creative company and providing expert commentary on the industry. It’s a full 45 minutes long but I stumbled upon it one day and got lost watching it.

5. Jason Fried TED

This talk by Jason Fried doesn’t really have much to do with social media but he does work in the tech sector. He challenges the way we work and the way office life conducts itself and asks us if we should be thinking differently in any way about work…