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This article was published on July 31, 2017

Here are 5 Salesforce apps to help you and your team work smarter

Here are 5 Salesforce apps to help you and your team work smarter
Josiah Motley

Salesforce is a powerful set of tools for you and your sales team on its own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the experience for your team. If you’re just getting started with Salesforce there are plenty of features and tools right out of the box, ones that will keep you busy for quite some time, but if you’re a veteran to the service you’re probably starting to notice things here and there that you could do to improve your efficiency and sales numbers, and with apps and plugins available for Salesforce, this is a true possibility.

With over 3,000 apps to choose from (many of them being premium or paid apps) it can be overwhelming to scroll through the Salesforce AppExchange when you’re in need of additional functionality. While this is far from a full list of notable apps, I took the time to break down some of the more helpful and interesting ones I’ve seen throughout the marketplace. You can check them out below!


Ok, so first on the list is an app that lives true to its name. The whole goal of Simpplr is to provide clear communication between employees to help drive productivity and engagement. This “social intranet” means that employees can feel connected no matter where they are in the world through the use of company profiles.

You can have your entire team set up in-depth profiles about themselves, that not only help with the personal aspect of managing a global team, but it also gives you and your team a chance to find the right expert for the job with just a couple clicks of the mouse all while staying within Salesforce. With this app, you also promote and curate a culture for your company through the use of open communication tools and profiles between team members.

SICURA QuickStart

AI is so hot right now, so why not add a virtual assistant to your platform to help assist sales agents? Created by noHold, SICURA is an easy way to add a virtual assistant to your Salesforce platform and the best part – it doesn’t require any extensive knowledge of coding or artificial intelligence to be implemented and can even be handled by someone with no coding or programming experience.

Lovingly referred to as Albert, this chatbot can be uploaded with information through a Word document, and the artificial intelligence will take all of that content, analyze it, and quickly access it when a sales rep has a question or needs help with a procedure. Everything from products, to policies, multiple tabs can be set up to help with different parts of the job and considering it only requires a Word document to learn, setting up new virtual assistants is a breeze.


How many screenshots or files do you share a day at the office? I bet it’s a lot. Every time we share something at the office it typically means we’re opening new programs, searching for the file, and just generally losing some productivity. That’s where something like Egnyte comes into play.

Essentially, the app lets you exchange files and folders directly through Salesforce, regardless of the device you’re viewing it from. So, regardless if you’re at the office or in a taxi, if you need access to one of the files your colleague shared with you earlier, you’ll be able to see it through your native Salesforce application. By keeping everything together in your Salesforce ecosystem you are also improving the productivity and general efficiency of your entire team.

Credit: Inquisium
Inquisium Surveys


The best, and most obvious, way to figure out what your customers and clients like and dislike about you is to simply ask, but this can be much easier said than done. The reality is that coming up with customer surveys, sending them out, collecting results, and then breaking down the data is time consuming – regardless of the size of your business.

Within minutes, the native Salesforce app can be used to compose surveys (without coding) and deploy them to customers. Once the feedback surveys start making their way back to you, Inquisium will also help your team compile and interpret the data, as well. Whether it is simply data visualization or using the system to gauge customer satisfaction and the company’s health.

Virtual Call Center

Call center software. While not needed by every business, many enterprise and larger SMBs will be able to find a use for something like Virtual Call Center (from CloudSteer), and with this implementation, you have it at your finger tips directly in Salesforce.

Essentially, this Salesforce extension will allow you to implement multi-user logins for your customer service reps, assign permissions, and configure settings directly through SF. You can compile call lists based on any number of criteria. It will also display any past call information or will create a new record if the number does not exist – all automatically. While it might not be the most robust call center software, it is perfect for smaller teams or businesses that does not require a ton of data and tracking for your sales and customer service teams.



Like mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are over 3,000 extensions and apps available for your Salesforce experience, every enterprise and SMB needs a different “app cocktail” to function most efficiently, but these five are a great starting point for almost any team.