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This article was published on February 24, 2011

5 iPhone apps for Cartoon Junkies

5 iPhone apps for Cartoon Junkies
Brodie Beta
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Brodie Beta

Brodie Beta is a technology enthusiast with a passion for gadgets, media and anything related to the Web. She has worked in communications Brodie Beta is a technology enthusiast with a passion for gadgets, media and anything related to the Web. She has worked in communications and media for the past nine years. Follow her on twitter here .

Crazy about cartoons? We’ve rounded up five apps for the iPhone that will give cartoon junkies a quick animation fix.

Adult Swim and the Cartoon Network both offer fans full episodes of cartoons for free on the iPhone. The Adult Swim and CN Video apps deliver shows like Robot Chicken, Scooby Doo, Ghost in the Shell and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, one of my personal favourites.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim is a TV network for adult-themed cartoons and shows.

The design of Adult Swim’s app is pretty rad, and it has enough content to keep you entertained for hours. There’s an impressive amount of clips and full episodes to watch although the number of episodes vary by cartoon and it doesn’t seem to offer full seasons.

While some shows only provide short clips, we found full episodes of the following shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, the Venture Bros., American Dad, Ghost in the Shell, King of the Hill and Squidbillies to name just a few. We’re hoping the episodes are updated frequently, unfortunately we haven’t had the apps long enough to notice.

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CN Video

The Cartoon Network, the American cable network features cartoons 24/7. Its app contains both full episodes and short clips of shows like Batman, Regular Show and Scooby Doo.

CN Video isn’t quite as cool as Adult Swim’s app, and it’s filled with too many kiddy shows like Hot Wheels, Pokemon and Beyblade. Like Adult Swim’s app, only a few episodes are available within each show but there’s a large number of amusing clips, in fact, I’ve been sucked in for about a half hour now. It also plays random video clips automatically which is a nice touch.

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Classic Cartoons

Interave media has a handful of apps that gear to classic cartoon fans. We’ve listed a few apps below but the developer does offer additional cartoon favourites such as Betty Boop and Popeye.

Cartoon Classics: Superman (1940’s)

Are you a fan of the Man of Steel? Interave Media has ported old school, vintage episodes of Superman to the iPhone. This app offers 15 remastered and refitted classic Superman episodes including Terror on the Midway, The Mad Scientist and Electric Earthquake. For the die-hard fans, Interave Media has added a chat for users to discuss anything and everything Superman. If cartoon classics are your thing, you’ll likely dig this app however, it does require a WiFi connection to stream video.

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Cartoon Classics: Assorted Favorites

Interave Media brings 20 episodes of classic cartoons to the iPhone including Porky, Woody Woodpecker, Mighty Mouse and Merry Melodies. Like, the Superman app, users have access to a chat and are limited to a WiFi connection. But, if you’re a cartoon junkie and you’re feeling nostalgic this app might be a fun time-waster on the iPhone. We should also note that back in the day, full episodes of cartoon were shorter than the 30 minutes we’re used to today.

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Cartoon Quizzle

This app answers questions like “What’s name of Gargamel’s cat?”, and “What’s the name of the smurf that carries around a birthday present?”. It’s a quiz game from Broken Thumbs Apps that contains over 1200 cartoon-related questions and it rewards you with badges for your extensive knowledge that can be shared with Open Feint global leaderboards. Cartoon nuts will surely get kick out of testing their knowledge and best of all it’s free.

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If you know of a great cartoon-themed app please share it with us in the comments.

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