This article was published on March 5, 2016

5 great deals to help you travel with confidence

5 great deals to help you travel with confidence
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

While traveling is a great opportunity to expand your horizons and experience new adventures in foreign lands, if you’re unprepared you’ll quickly find yourself inconvenienced and overwhelmed.

We’ve put together a selection of offers on the TNW Deals shop to help prepare you for the challenges that come with traveling, whether that’s international charging adapters, all-access streaming, an organizer travel bag or beyond.


Rolo Travel Bag: $45

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.23.40 AM

Traveling can be a hassle, so it’s important to remove as much friction from the process as possible. The Rolo Travel Bag is here to help, offering an innovative way to carry your belongings and keep them organized for easy retrieval. At 26 percent off, the Rolo deal has never been better.

Everything you need fits in its mesh pockets and handy zippered areas. Simply untie, unfurl and hang it up anywhere to have your personal closet right there in your hotel room. All your clothes and knick-knacks are at eye level so you don’t have to fumble around. It even acts as a portable wardrobe with the included hanger, so your shirts won’t get wrinkled.

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Worldwide Power Adapter & Travel Charger with Dual USB: $14.99

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Not all travel chargers are created equal, and few travel hassles match the frustration of discovering that your charger isn’t compatible with international outlets. Now you can convert any AC outlet worldwide, and power your devices with the Worldwide Power Adapter & Travel Charger with Dual USB.

The built-in surge protector means you’ll never worry about any power surge again. It also has two USB ports that are 2.1 amps for high speed charging of smartphones and tablets. At 74 percent off, traveling just got a lot more convenient.

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Getflix: Lifetime Subscription: $59

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.23.53 AM

Most music and video streaming services use geo-restrictions to limit access to their services, which creates headaches for international users who want to access (and pay) for the likes of Hulu Plus, HBO Go or Netflix. A solution can been found in Getflix, a smart DNS service that removes the geoblock feature for the US version of Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and many more streaming media services across the globe – and even protects your online activity from potential data thieves.

Usually, these services operate with monthly subscription packages. But Getflix is temporarily offering a lifetime subscription for only $59 – that’s a massive 93 percent saving!

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Twist Plus+ World Charging Station: $34.99

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.24.00 AM

International outlets vary widely, and travelers often learn the hard way that not all chargers are universal. Instead of lugging around extra cords and adapters, or simply going without essential devices, grab the Twist Plus+ World Charging Station at 33 percent off and travel with confidence, no matter where you are in the world.

This pocket-sized, ultra-portable adapter is designed to charge your MacBook and four USB-compatible devices at the same time, in over 150 countries all over the world. Charge your laptop, smartphone, tablet, e-reader and more, all through a single outlet and without having to carry multiple chargers when you travel.

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ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Battery: $49.99

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.24.07 AM

Portable chargers have flooded the market, but how many have solar versatility and concrete reliability? Packed with power, the ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20,000mAh Battery is the perfect traveling companion, especially if you plan to be away from electrical power for an extended period of time for things like family campouts and hiking expeditions.

The unit has anti-explosion protection, and is compact and lightweight so it’s easy to take with you anywhere. It’s rainproof, crushproof, and shockproof, too. Plus, it allows for the fast charging of three devices at once to save you time.

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