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5 data trends brands should include in 2018 digital marketing plans

5 data trends brands should include in 2018 digital marketing plans
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Adel de Meyer is Co-founder of The Crypto Collectors and DAPS Coin— Host of #BlockchainChat — PR Specialist and Advisor working with blockch Adel de Meyer is Co-founder of The Crypto Collectors and DAPS Coin— Host of #BlockchainChat — PR Specialist and Advisor working with blockchain businesses with a focus in gaming, decentralized marketplaces, privacy and collectibles.

If you’re a brand builder who wants to nail your 2018 marketing plan, it is crucial to understand data trends. Change is happening in the data analysis sector at a rapid pace. Business owners who monitor these changes are best prepared to use their improved knowledge to their advantage. To ensure your marketing plan is as successful as possible, track the following five data trends in 2018.

Real-Time data

Real-time data will flourish in 2018. Today’s business owners want to make marketing adjustments in real-time to take advantage of current trends. From their content marketing to their social media marketing, the sooner they can adjust their customer acquisition efforts, the sooner they can increase their return-on-investment. If you’re a business owner who wants to be the first to discover real-time data analytics tools, pay close attention to startup launches within this sector.

Artificial Intelligence

The marriage of artificial intelligence and data analysis will be one of 2018’s hottest data trends. Companies are integrating AI technology into a myriad of data analysis platforms. As more business owners demand top-notch tools to maximize their marketing ROI, AI-enabled analytics will become a must-use tool for growth-focused business owners.

Predictive analytics

With the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, predictive analytics will increase in popularity in 2018. Brands will be able to use predictive analytics tools to understand patterns in their data and make business decisions based on pattern analysis. From geo-location predictive analytics to predictive analytics for human resources, expect to see a considerable increase in the number of companies using predictive analytics to power business growth in 2018.

Data visualization

Data analytics visualization will be hot in 2018. Business owners want to understand the fine details of their data without needing a university degree to understand their business’ information. Startup companies offering data visualizations as a service, e.g., Visual Analytics, will provide business owners and marketers the ability to understand the details in their data better.


As 2018 progresses, expect to see an increase in the availability of distributed/blockchain analytics options. Consumers are increasingly looking for transparency from the brands they trust; this push for transparency will extend to data analysis. With the explosion of activity in the blockchain sector, openly distributed analytics tools will give brands the opportunity to share their stats with consumers and build trust in their enterprises.

Understanding the latest data trends is critical for increased business growth. The more aware you are of changes within the data analysis sector, the better prepared you will be to optimize your company for accelerated growth. Stay tuned to activity in data analysis in 2018; it’s going to be a busy year!

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