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This article was published on September 1, 2015

5 Boost startups from California that you should know about

5 Boost startups from California that you should know about
Blanka Szamos
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Blanka Szamos

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The third edition of TNW Conference USA will gather 1500 of the biggest tech-lovers from Australia to Canada under one roof. They’ll be enjoying thought-provoking keynote speakers, workshops, and more than 120 hand-picked startups.

Out of more than 300 Boost applications for our Boost programme that is co-hosted by Braintree, we’ve just accepted our 90th early-stage company to show you what they’ve got at this year’s event. On that note, let’s have a look at these five Boost participants from the Golden State, California:


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NAI Solutions (Los Angeles) 

NaipackNaipack from NAI Solutions is an innovative smartbag – waterproof, 7 USB ports, sound system, GPS, WiFi hotspot, power bank, solar charger, digital display, security lock and power cord. What more could you want?




Gizmo (Los Angeles)


Eat. Sleep. Work is a creative designer startup company that had to face the problems of project management.  After trying almost all the software options, they decided to create their own programme, Gizmo that combines sales, accounting and project management skills in one.


IG Shoutout Network LLC (Hollywood) ig shoutout


IG Shoutout Network is the place to grow your brand on Instagram. It’s the very first company that sells promotional ad space on Instagram as a marketplace platform. Creators, producers, brands, and individuals can purchase shoutouts on Instagram accounts, and Instagram account holders can monetize their influence.


Monkop (San Francisco)


Monkop provides you with detailed analysis about your app’s performance, security and functionality, before you take it live in the marketplace. An effortless and script-less way to to test and tune your application.


Mammoth (San Francisco)


Mammoth has reinvented digital notes for the way we work. The tool captures everything around the topic of your interest, with the ability to discuss, edit, add files and organise in one document. Since it’s a browser extension and a mobile app, it’s easy to keep track of your notes and edit them.


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