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This article was published on April 12, 2011

5 Awesome Apps for Instagram

5 Awesome Apps for Instagram

Many people’s favorite app of the moment is Instagram because of its brilliant simplicity. We’ve written about it plenty in the past and it’s seen explosive growth, hitting 3 million users in less than six months.

It can be a little limiting though given that it only launched on iPhone and doesn’t even have a website for you to view your photos which is why we’ve compiled this handy little last of apps built around the service. With explosive growth, an open API and a strong developer community, the future looks very bright for this photo sharing app. It reminds me of Twitter in some ways in the early days where its website was shockingly underdeveloped but it thrived because of all the amazing apps that people built around the service. You’ll never use Instagram in the same way once you get your hands on some of these beauties…


If you want to see your photos on a bigger screen and are fed up of interacting on a small phone screen then this is the site for you. You’ll have to log in using your Instagram account but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good the photos look and how much interaction you can do on the website itself.


This is another handy little way of viewing photos on the web from Instagram. Very limited on features but you can view your friends photos, popular photos or just your own photos. A simple and clean interface makes this perfect for browsing photos.


Given that you are taking all these photos on your mobile, Instagram knows where you are. Instabam has tapped in to that to create a great app that lets you find all the photos that are in your local area. You can set the distance filter and although it only expands to 1000 meters it’s a great way to find photos within your area that others have taken.

Pic A Fight

This is one of the oldest formats on the web (think of Hot Or Not) and it essentially is a site that you log up to and join that lets you vote on pictures to find the best ones. You can put your own photos up to battle or even just vote on your own photos. Users are given points and the game becomes very interactive and fun. One for the competitive types.


You are only going to be able to use this app if you have an iPad but if ever there was a device to view photos on it has to be the iPad. Fire this one up though and hook up your Instagram account and leave your iPad on your coffee table and your guests will fall in love instantly and be green with envy!

Also check out Extragram and Instagrid.Me, favorites we’ve written about in the past.