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This article was published on June 28, 2017

These 5 aspects are a must for a successful drop shipping store

These 5 aspects are a must for a successful drop shipping store
David Geer
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David Geer

David Geer is a Tech Entrepreneur, a business development consultant, a motivational speaker, and a freelance writer. He has worked as a ful David Geer is a Tech Entrepreneur, a business development consultant, a motivational speaker, and a freelance writer. He has worked as a full time technology writer/technology journalist for 12 years. His work regularly appears in national and international publications.

The drop shipping business model is a real catch for entrepreneurs who have an eye for e-commerce.

Still, setting up a fully functioning drop shipping store is an exciting yet complex process.

This is why you should definitely consider these 5 aspects that will make both your business and personal life much easier.


It is really awesome if you have time, energy and skills to build a ready-to-go drop shipping store from scratch. No, really, you deserve an absolute respect if you are ready to take this challenge!

Still, we are all different, and our life circumstances also vary a lot.

Maybe you have no technical background at all. Maybe you never designed a single picture in your whole life. Maybe you are too busy with your everyday routine to get into details of e-commerce.

None of this should ever stop you from starting your very own drop shipping business. According to Yaroslav Nevsky, CEO & Co-Founder at AliDropship

It took us years of our own diversified experience in building and running successful drop shipping stores to finally create an ultimate solution that can really take your business to the new heights. Thousands of drop shippers from all over the world put trust in our services, and it’s their interest and feedback that helped us test and improve every single feature

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you know.

It’s always possible to purchase a fully functioning drop shipping store from a bunch of reputed specialists who know what they are doing, or at least order some separate services like design, copywriting, website setup, or anything. Why waste your time on something that can be done with little to none effort?


That’s a must, no doubts about this.

A proper detailed research is your key to identifying an appealing drop shipping business niche and understanding your target audience.

The best thing you can do is target a market that you already know and like. Many people have no idea just how many skills they have gained from their previous jobs!

For example, if you have worked for years in an office environment and found that it’s tricky to find certain supplies, then you have already identified unresolved demand and a potential target audience.

Your life experience and personal interests in general mean a lot. If you are passionate about your niche and know these products well, you can easily understand what your potential clients want. Therefore, you can successfully establish a contact with them and run your drop shipping store in a pleasant and efficient way.


When you run a drop shipping store, there are SO many things to track and monitor, you know?

It is important to have some service like Google Analytics integrated into your website because it will help you watch your store performance.

When you are perfectly aware of what’s going on, you can quickly respond and adapt your drop shipping business to new circumstances.

4.Being human

Your customers are humans (most likely).

They value a personal attitude, and they are likely to come back for more if they are happy with the quality of service you provide.

What does it mean?

Even though you can utilize tons of technical solutions to make your drop shipping business automated, don’t forget that some things can and need to be done manually.

For example, you can use various plugins to import numerous products in a single click, or to automatically place orders on the original seller’s site, or to promote your store in social networks, or something.

Therefore, you can save lots of time and use it wisely!

Interact with your potential and current customers. Talk to them. Listen to them. Learn what they want and how they want to be treated. You can’t even imagine how significantly you can boost your business with this personal input!

5.All-inclusive solutions

Well, that’s a lot of things to cover.

Does it mean you have to worry and forget the idea at all?


All you need is a comprehensive solution that would combine all the features:

  • Covering all the areas of a store development, from technical to marketing part;
  • Opportunity of easy research and analysis;
  • Automated processes enabling a smooth and quick store management;
  • Store customization and optimization making it possible to boost sales and increase conversion rate.

And there actually exist such solutions.

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