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This article was published on March 13, 2016

4 gadgets to spice up your epic house party

4 gadgets to spice up your epic house party Image by: Sarah (via Giphy)
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Invites sent to everyone who’s ever known you: check. Dungeons and drag queen theme: check. Glowing aurora jungle juice: check.

What else is missing to throw that epic party of yours? Technology! It never hurts to throw some of the cool gadgets in there to make your event merrier.

Check these gadgets out for your epic party.

RIF6 Cube Projector

This little cube of fun made its first appearance at this year’s CES. With RIF6, you can project anything from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop into a maximum of 120-inch display.

Visualize your badass music effects, show off some of the best movie scenes, or do a jeopardy presentation quiz on your party. Whatever entertainment you do with your mobile devices, you can do it 10-24 times bigger with this projector.

On TNW Deals, you can have it 16 percent off the original price.

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The Outlier Bluetooth Wood Speaker

What’s a party without music?

Feast your eyes on this wood coated, polygonal speaker, and listen to its 80-ish decibel – equal to chamber music in small auditorium – crisp sound. The Outlier Bluetooth Wood Speaker leaves your audiophile guests with what’s truly important, sound and aesthetics.

Be it a pool party, pool-less yard party, or indoor party, you can put this speaker anywhere you want since its Bluetooth can reach your phone for up to 50 feet (15 meters).

Impress your guests with this speaker and get it for only $80.

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Holi SmartLamp

Ok, so you’ve got your music ready. Now it’s time to amplify the mood of the party with this music-responsive smart lamp.

Perfectly synchronized with your music, the Holi SmartLamp provides 500 lumens of brightness for millions of color combinations. From slow, romantic dance to loud, bouncing mass, this smart lamp will bring the right dance floor atmosphere.

If its stunning light show doesn’t enliven your party, we don’t know what will. Get it now for 24 percent off on TNW Deals.

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Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone

You know what’s fun? Having a birds-eye view video to immortalize all that fun time you’ve been having with your guests.

With its integrated HD camera , Striker Spy HD-Camera drone is able to film 30 minutes of aerial footage and take up to 50,000 photos from mid-air.

Not sure what you’re thinking now, but we’re thinking of using this drone to capture every moment of your cliff diving party. Somersault in the air, step from the cliff and jump, or bounce from a trampoline to the depth beyond, this drone will document it all for you so that you can see it later on your couch.

Another good news is, you can have this drone 58 percent off the original price on TNW Deals.

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Bonus: KewlKit Lamp Speaker

After the crazy party you held the day before, all you want is a good night sleep and wake up feeling energized again the day after.

KewlKit Lamp Speaker offers stereo quality speakers and an adjustable light for you to chillax. With four level brightness available, give it a tap on the top of the lamp and it will dim the light for you. You may also want to use its essential alarm functions just in case you fall asleep when you’re lying down in bed or on the couch.

You can either pay $100 on its official website, or save 25 percent on your spending and get the lamp on TNW Deals.

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