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This article was published on July 7, 2012

    3 classic movies about communication

    3 classic movies about communication
    Martha Pierce

    The problem with movie previews is they lack actionability. You watch them, get excited, and that’s that. It is foreplay without a follow-up.

    In today’s economy we want what we want, when we want it. For the latest issue of The Next Web iPad Magazine, we selected a few classics around our overall theme of communication. Watch these classic trailers and download them right away, if you want.

    Rain Man

    Rain Man; the quintessential miscommunication movie. Two men, each unable to communicate what they really want, who come together through joy, fear crisis and opportunity and end up communicating everything through almost nothing. Throughout the whole movie you are waiting for that moment and when it comes, it is subtle, beautiful and clear. And no words are spoken.

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    Cast Away

    FedEx systems engineer Chuck Noland is stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash. He must survive the loneliness for 1,500 days and nights. Know that feeling when you don’t have 3G or WiFi? Wondering how many Likes your Facebook update got? Now imagine not being able to send a tweet for that long. Imagine how many emails you would find in your inbox after 5 years! The horror, the horror.

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    American Psycho

    American Psycho: a pre-batman Christian Bale (with a normal voice) who escalates into increasingly violent fantasies. Wonder how Christian Bale prepared for the role? According to the IMDB he watched Tom Cruise and based his character on Cruise because he had “this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes”. I could tell you more about the movie but I have to return some videotapes.

    Embedding of this trailer has been disabled for some crazy reason but you can watch it on YouTube.

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