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This article was published on March 9, 2015

25 more startups shortlisted for our Boost program

25 more startups shortlisted for our Boost program
Matthew Elworthy
Story by

Matthew Elworthy

Marketing Manager, TNW Events

Each year The Next Web holds hundreds of interviews with young startups in order to shortlist the best of the best and invite them to Boost, our early-stage growth program at The Next Web Conference.

With the tenth anniversary edition of our flagship Amsterdam conference just around the corner, the TNW Events team has conducted hundreds of interviews – but there’s still time to apply.

Check out the next 25 companies that have been invited to participate here, before heading to our Boost page for more information and to submit your company:

From: Netherlands startup-animo
Animo is the quickest date-picker for appointments in the near future. Make an invitation in just 5 seconds and send it to your friends with apps like WhatApp.


From: Netherlands startup-appcident
Appcident users can report incidents from their mobile devices, building the insights needed to create a safe and secure work environment.

Beyond Sports
From: Netherlands startup-beyondsports
Beyond Sports provides both players and training staff with better insights, experience and improvements of training methods trough Virtual Reality.

From: Sweden startup-bokio
Bokio is a simple and user-friendly administration tool for the SME community providing invoicing, accounting and payroll – for free, always.

From: Netherlands startup-bundlin
Bundlin is link curation done right; focused on seamless curation and user experience.

startup-fitwellFrom: Turkey
FitWell is a top notch coaching app that guides and motivates people to achieve their fitness goals.

From: Netherlands  startup-highstreet
Highstreet is a mobile commerce app platform that turns your existing webshop into a premium branded shopping app that your customers will love.

From: Netherlands  startup-iloveme
iloveme is the mobile app to actively work on your own happiness, whenever and wherever you want!

From: Poland startup-intelclinic
NeurOn by Intelclininc is the “Nest” for the body clock management. Set your body clock as you set a temperature in the bedroom.

From: Barbados startup-medirevu
MediRevu helps patients manage their chronic conditions and take control of their health by sharing their treatment plans with caregivers and doctors.

From: Netherlands startup-meetberry
Meetberry helps you to connect to something greater, so that you & your organisation can grow alongside your host workplace.

From: Norway startup-museai
Museai is an app for musicians and songwriters, that focus on maintaining the creative flow when you create music.

From: Belgium Screenshot 2015-04-01 09.56.08
Bundl lets you make movies together! Groups your precious video shots around a theme, event & location. Start shooting.

From: United Kingdom startup-playbrush
PLAYBRUSH makes brushing teeth fun by transforming your toothbrush into a mobile gaming controller. For kids & young-at-heart grown-ups only!

From: Netherlands startup-resnap
ReSnap uses smart algorithms to produce online photo books from your best photos in under a minute.
From: Germany startup-setting provides short-term bookings of office space – the Airbnb for workspaces

From: Switzerland startup-spottedmap
Spottedmap is the Tinder for missed connections: it enables you to reconnect with people you randomly meet in everyday life.

From: Estonia startup-taxify
Taxify is a free smartphone app which seamlessly connects people to hundreds of taxis at the push of a button. No more call-centres or waiting on the street.

From: Australia startup-teamster
Teamster connects people who enjoy the same sport and allows everyone to see what sports activities their friends have planned for the week

From: United Kingdom startup-what3words
What3Words has divided the entire world into 3m² locations with simple 3 word addresses.

Catch It
From: India startup-catchit
Catch It allows you to share content based on proximity. Throw anything to people around you.

From: Sweden startup-cloapp
Get Closr to your Contacts! Add and receive all the information you need about your contacts, and never forget anything important again.

From: Netherlands startup-vrmaster
VRmaster let’s you create VR online with 720° photo/video and view it via affordable, customizable goggles.

From: Israel startup-drupe
Drupe is your contacts, your way. A brand new way to communicate with your contacts. Because address books are so 90s!

➤ There’s still time to apply for Boost! Click here for more.