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This article was published on June 10, 2010

2/3 of US Internet users watch at least one video online per month

2/3 of US Internet users watch at least one video online per month

Estimates provided by eMarketer says that in 2010, 66.7% of US Internet users will watch at least one video online per month. By 2014, this percentage will rise to 77.0%, or more than three out of four US Internet users. Especially for the 2014 stats, this seems a little on the low side to us, but one thing that will heavily impact this either way is broadband penetration.

The estimates also point to the obvious: that 18-24 year-olds (i.e. college students) watch the most video online, while the 24-35, teen and 35-44 year-old age brackets are next.

As we delved into yesterday, online streaming video is the future that will eventually probably replace DVDs and some other services altogether. eMarketer points out that not only are more people turning to online to consume video content, but that the content is increasingly shifting to longer form content, i.e. TV episodes and full-length movies.

Hulu and Netflix are currently setting themselves up to be the 1-2 punch of online streaming subscription services, and both have been making headway lately to solidify their positions there. Apple TV, Google TV and YouTube should also be in the mix moving forward as well (and of course, YouTube right now is far and away the leading site to watch videos online).

This continues to be a fascinating and increasingly important space on the Web.

All charts: eMarketer

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