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21 of the best typefaces from October 2014

21 of the best typefaces from October 2014
Sean Mitchell
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Sean Mitchell

Sean Mitchell is an Interactive Designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of Type Release. Sean Mitchell is an Interactive Designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of Type Release.

Sean Mitchell is an interactive designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of Type Release.

Did October bring us all kinds of festive, spooky typefaces? We’ll find out in this month’s roundup of our favorites from last month.

Latinotype: Texta


Texta is a contemporary, rational, transparent and useful sans to compose all kind of texts.

Typotheque: Woodkit


Woodkit is a playful fixed-width display series of typefaces inspired by wood type.

Miller Type Foundry: Uniform


Uniform is a multi-width geometric type family.

Laura Worthington: Boucherie


Boucherie includes four distinct display types, plus ornaments, catchwords, and frames.

Type Supply: Queue


Queue was drawn to reflect the contradictory and complex world of today.

Sudtipos: Bowling Script


Bowling Script is loaded with all kinds of alternation, swashing and over-the-top stuff.

Positype: Love Script


Love Script is a font with a big heart.

House Industries: Velo Serif


Super-elliptical shapes and sturdy serifs.

Calligrafiction: Peter


Peter is a neo-grotesque sans with rational and clear basic letterforms.

Tipo Pèpel: Naste


A lush splurge on pure basic geometrical shapes and sizes.

Commercial Type: Darby


A contemporary family of two related sans serifs: one is the functional Darby Sans; the other a refined display version for large sizes, where the contrast is dramatically higher.

Ludwig Type: Diogenes


Diogenes is an elegant and crisp text typeface.

Lettersoup: Ropa Soft


The Ropa Soft family brings a warm and friendly feel.

Font Bureau: Big Caslon FB


An expansion of Matthew Carter’s classic display serif.

The Northern Block: Merel


Merel is a modern geometric typeface with humanist attributes.

FaceType: Newcastle


Newcastle gives you great opportunities for spicy typography.

Hungarumlaut: Westeinde


Westeinde has been optimized for the best legibility in print and screen.

Hoftype: Foro Sans


Foro Sans is well suited for ambitious typography.

Tipografies: Trola Text


Trola Text keeps the original spirit of Trola, but some of the letterform features have been modified so it can perfectly adapt to the needs of typefaces used in text of continued reading.

Linotype: Quitador


Quitador is a constructed slab serif typeface with a humanistic touch.

The Northern Block: Grottel


Grottel is a modern grotesque sans serif font family that follows the philosophy of original grotesque typefaces with enhanced personality.

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