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This article was published on April 28, 2016

2 great new deals on Nomad Apple Watch Charger & Stands

2 great new deals on Nomad Apple Watch Charger & Stands
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Your Apple Watch is a device of such beauty and innovative technology that it just doesn’t seem right to toss it on any old charger.

Such a hi-tech accessory calls for a certain degree of style in presentation and charging, and TNW Deals has two great new offers from Nomad to enhance your Apple Watch charging experience and presentation options.

It’s time to put your wrist piece on the pedestal it deserves!

Nomad Pod Portable Apple Watch Battery Pack

nomad pod

Give your hi-tech wrist piece a charger worthy of its excellence.

With the Nomad Pod Portable Apple Watch Battery Pack, you’ll have a power boost for your Apple Watch, now available at 43% off from TNW Deals.

Forget the tangles of charging cables.

The Nomad Pod looks similar to a hockey puck, allowing Apple’s official Watch charging cable to coil neatly around an inside ring, with the charging disk mounted into a space above.

Round and compact, the Nomad Pod can go anywhere with you, powering up with an included micro-USB cord.

The Pod packs a high-density 1,800 mAh lithium ion battery to keep you fully charged all weekend long, and 3 LED power-indicator lights will eliminate any guesswork from your charging necessities.

In addition to charging your Apple Watch, the Nomad Pod will also juice up your iPhone or iPad simultaneously, so you’ll be at full power across the board in no time.

Put your watch on the pedestal it deserves, and pick up a Nomad Pod Portable Apple Watch Battery Pack for $33.95 today from TNW Deals.

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Nomad Stand for Apple Watch

Nomad Stand

A wrist piece as dazzling as the Apple Watch should receive a presentation worthy of its technological caliber.

The Nomad Stand for Apple Watch is the minimalist answer to your charge-in-style needs, made of precision-cut aluminum, with a sleek modern design in an elevated charging experience.

For a limited time, it’s available for 32 percent off the MSRP on TNW Deals.

The Nomad Stand’s minimalist modern design packs non-visible cable routing through a rear port, creating a stealthy cable passage for your Apple Watch.

A copper alloy base adds stability, and the nonslip high-friction rubber footing ensures the Stand and your Apple Watch will stay in position.

Add a fashionable presentation to your Apple Watch charging stand, and enjoy the beautiful simplicity of the Nomad Stand for Apple Watch, now just $33.95 on TNW Deals.

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