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This article was published on December 5, 2014

    16 startups that will be pitching on stage at #TNWUSA

    16 startups that will be pitching on stage at #TNWUSA
    Matthew Elworthy
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    Matthew Elworthy

    Marketing Manager, TNW Events

    After thousands of votes for 48 brilliant early-stage startups that are taking part in this year’s Boost competition, co-hosted by WeTransfer, the scores are in.

    We witnessed the leaderboard change countless times, but the final 16 startups that will get to pitch their product at The Next Web USA Conference in front of our expert jury – including Natt Garun (US Editor at The Next Web), Adriaan Trouwee (Creative Innovator & Strategist, WeTransfer) and Marvin Liao (Partner at 500 Startups) – are listed below.

    Congratulations to these companies and we look forward to seeing what all 48 of our handpicked startups have to offer on December 10th. If you’d like to see the show that these startups will put on for yourself (as well as 38 other awesome speakers), it’s not too late to purchase your conference pass. Just click here for more information.

    From: Franceplaces
    Tweet pitch: Places is the most private file-sharing, messaging and video-calling application that exists today. As private as PGP, with more services than Dropbox.

    From: USAfly
    Tweet pitch: Fly Labs is creating an ecosystem of apps for video creativity for iOS. An easy way to edit and even film simultaneously across multiple devices.

    From: USAurLeaving
    Tweet pitch: The urLeaving app finds you free parking spots at the tap of a button, lets you collect points & redeem them for cool perks.
    From: USA
    edgeeTweet pitch:The place to share high quality content in carefully curated collections. Forget click-baiting, edgee is a sanctuary for context and human insight.

    From: Israel
    MeekanTweet pitch: Meekan lets you share your availability options with everyone, on any calendar. A cross-vendor scheduling platform that changes the way people schedule meetings.

    From: NetherlandsScreen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.59.29
    Tweet pitch: Chordify is an intuitive, music e-learning platform that automatically transforms your favorite music into chords – using any source on the web.

    From: Indiaaccumenta
    Tweet pitch: Accumenta makes customer management smarter, simpler and engaging. Real time schedule & queue management, analytics and a unique customer recognition system.

    From: ArmeniaScreen Shot 2014-11-24 at 13.43.57
    Tweet pitch: Lionsharp builds VOICEBOARD, The world’s first voice and gesture controlled presentation tool. Minority Report style PowerPoint on steroids with Siri.

    From: USA
    Seat ServeTweet pitch: Seat Serve is a full technology solution for stadiums to deliver food, drinks and merchandise to every seat in the house! Simply order with your smartphone.

    From: NetherlandsScreen Shot 2014-11-19 at 14.05.01
    Tweet pitch: Grwo helps you to excel by rewarding you for your academic and personal achievements.

    From: Belgiumlogo-6bc1646a405996cc6fe668ff99128ed5
    Tweet pitch: Trimaps turns any image into an interactive mobile map! From ski resorts to festival maps and more, Trimaps brings all of these custom maps to your mobile!
    From: France
    InfinitTweet pitch: Infinit is a fast and beautiful file sharing application that allows sending files of unlimited size in a matter of seconds through a single drag & drop.

    From: Austria
    Tweet pitch: Way2stage is the couchsurfing and dating platform for musicians. The goal: gig together and push each other to reach a new level of success!

    From: Israelsmartmail
    Tweet pitch: SmartMail is the future of mobile email. Fewer clicks and no app swapping.

    Artist Radar
    From: Germany
    Artist RadarTweet pitch: Artist Radar transforms staying up-to-date with 6 million of your favourite artists (including bands, authors and actors) and 200k+ events.

    From: USA
    Tweet pitch: DormChat is literally the easiest way for people to communicate and connect with their local community.