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This article was published on November 11, 2015

16 New York Boost startups you need to check out

16 New York Boost startups you need to check out
Blanka Szamos
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Blanka Szamos

Martech Specialist @ Direct Impact, enthusiast about technology, innovation, data, and startups

Martech Specialist @ Direct Impact, enthusiast about technology, innovation, data, and startups Martech Specialist @ Direct Impact, enthusiast about technology, innovation, data, and startups

The Next Web Conference USA takes place in New York, so our Boost program wouldn’t be complete without some of the city’s hottest early-stage companies. Our team has interviewed hundreds of innovative tech start-ups to select the best of the best.

The third edition of the TNW USA takes place on November 18, bringing you the newest tech startups and a great selection of curated speaker sessions. There are still tickets available to join 1,500 attendees, 350 start-ups, 50 journalists, and 80 VCs!

Check out our New York startup selection for TNW USA 2015:

HumongouS offers a new admin interface for MongoDB that emphasizes ease of use.

Just plug in your database from MongoDB without any coding or configuration. Use the dashboard to collect all the needed information on multiple devices anytime, anywhere.


FireRTC makes calls from your computer super easy. You can simply use it from your browser to make regular calls or video calls to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico for free.

It provides you with a complementary US phone number to receive calls from other product users. Also, you receive social data about the person you talk to and you can configure your outbound Caller ID.


WIREWAX helps you to create interactive videos as you have never done before. All you need is a URL from YouTube or Vimeo.

From there, you can just add a few tags to enhance the video with extra text, images and widgets and it is ready to share. Measure the performance of your new video and see how your audience interacts!


TripExpert collects experts to give you quality reviews on hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants without the noise.

Fake or paid reviews, and tourist-generated opinions, can be misleading since there is no comparison most of the time. Get professional reviews and check the TripExpert Score for your next visit!


Create your private IQID profile and get a verified ID service to break P2P and O2O transaction problems. You can just scan your ID to enable internet transactions in a safe way, build your identity by removing anonymity and select until how long people can see your shared profile.

The pricing system gives you a Trust Score that you can share as well.


Everybody has a journey in their lives that they would prefer to share without identity-based social media accounts.

Likeminder is a new community where you can jump in and a start a new conversation with people like-minded you. You don’t need to get invitation from your friends or colleagues to join since it keeps you anonymous.


Have you ever wondered how could you make an impact on hungry people in New York City? With SPARE, it’s possible now.

Use the app to round-up your bill when you have dinner out and donate $0.99 which is enough for four meals. You can track how many people you’ve helped, receive rewards from participating restaurants and share your impact on social media channels.


If you’re in a need of quick help a task, check SuperTasker out. You can select a task you have to do in a short amount of time, they match you with an available tasker and the job gets in a just a few hours.

All taskers are screened in advance to provide you with quality and reliable work. You purchase the service with an easy one-click payment and you receive one invoice for all your tasks.

Viosk is a new 3-step video content creation service. First, choose a designed template with several animation styles. Second, click and edit the text and images you have in the video. Finally, review and render your new video. Easy!

Several features can be added from a project library, from voiceover tools to one-click distribution.

University Beyond


University Beyond is a platform for both companies and students. From the company perspective, it offers directly targeted recruitment through the student ambassadors, a simple programme to manage all applications, tasks etc. at once.

For students, it is possible to earn university credits, internship opportunities, flexibility and the option to boost your CV while working on campus.


GVISP is a new platform that combines a brand-and-fan social network with trading on gmarket and gcomments.

Enhance the community created for you, and by you, by personalizing your voting system.



Instinctive is a storytelling platform to help brands capture real-time consumer attention.

Streamline your content strategy and improve your ROI with fully native technology to generate a brand-safe environment and get your viewable statistics and metrics fast to improve the impression you leave on your present and future consumers.



Spothook improves candidate and recruiter relationships by removing sources of friction in the interview process.  They’re the simplified alternative to the roster of “all in” applicant sourcing, tracking, screening, and video interview offerings.

Launch Google Chrome, authenticate with your LinkedIn profile, and start your hunt.



Publicize is there to manage entrepreneurs’ PR problems. You can select between different PR solution packages depending on what you need.

Get contact information for journalists, announcements, marketing and media collections, or get support via chat and calls to boost your PR efforts to the next level.


HelpMonks is an team email management made simple. Assign tasks to team members, collaborate to solve customers’ problems and keep track of completed inquiries.



UniqueSound is a new platform to search for licensed music or commission original compositions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand, studio or agency, you can be sure to find the right professional composer here.


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