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15 Black Friday gift ideas to satisfy everyone on your list

15 Black Friday gift ideas to satisfy everyone on your list
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Even though we spend 364 days a year offering up cool, low-priced deals, this is Black Friday. The usually great doesn’t cut it on America’s holiday dedicated to the Discount Super Bowl. So yep, TNW Deals is stepping up its game. Below are 15 of the best holiday gift deals you’re going to find anywhere. Make your list, check it twice, then start loading up on neat devices, helpful apps, or self-improvement training that’ll make for some happy giftees this season.


FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds – $19.16 (84 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

With unrivaled sound quality for its compact size, the FRESHeBUDS magnetic earbuds are also sweat and water resistant, with a rugged build to survive all your outdoor activities. And it doesn’t get any simpler than these earbuds — just pull the magnetic buds apart and they automatically pair to your device.  Now with an additional holiday price drop, they’re a perfect companion for anyone on the go.

RevolCam: The Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for Smartphones – $24 (59 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Stop taking crummy smartphone photos. Just slide the RevolvCam array on your phone and you’ll immediately see enhanced wide angle, fisheye and macro lens shots, all with a simple flick of the finger. It’s even got a handy LED light source and a mirror to make sure even selfies look picture-perfect. It’s like a full handful of cool camera attachments in one compact, powerful, portable unit.

Mim Smartwatch – $39.20 (60 percent) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

A smartwatch that looks as good as it functions. Its stainless steel construction in a variety of eye-catching colors and styles works hand-in-hand with a host of smart features (call notifications, activity tracker, sleep monitor, etc.) linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth. And did we mention the battery lasts 750 days, making it the world’s best battery life.

Nix Mini Color Sensor – $52 (47 percent) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

For the artist or decorator on your list, here’s the gadget that’ll make color matching amazingly simple. With an existing color library of more than 28,000 brand name paint, RGB, HEX and CMYK colors, just scan any wall, fabric, dye or other source and you’ll know the right color immediately. This could be the holiday where guessing and paint mixing become a thing of the past.

RokBlok: The World’s Smallest Wireless Record Player – $71.20 (28 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Know someone with a ton of old albums? Only 2” by 4” long, just set the RokBlok on the record — and watch the block turn around the vinyl, reading the grooves and playing the music through its built-in speaker. Or connect it to a Bluetooth speaker and you’ve got a brilliant record player — without the turntable! It’s so cool, you’re gonna want one for yourself too.

Hover 4K Camera Passport Self-Flying Camera Drone – $349.99 (30 percent off)

Getting that perfect shot in the middle of an adventure has its challenges. The Hover 4K Camera Passport Drone is the answer to all your picture and video troubles. Through advanced AI, the drone is able to follow you around–all while taking photos and videos at your command. This 2017 Red Dot Design Award Winner is both ultra-portable and jam-packed with tracking technology.


VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription – $24 (95 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

For anybody on your holiday list without a VPN…they NEED a VPN. With a lifetime of VPN Unlimited coverage, users get full encrypted web usage, safety from hackers and snoops, super-fast speeds, a worldwide server network of shrouded IP locations, and protections that block ads, malware, and intrusive tracking systems. There’s really no more necessary gift for anyone on the web…which means everybody.

Bizplan Premium: Lifetime Subscription – $55.20 (98% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

For those with an eye toward entrepreneurship, a Bizplan Premium plan is a great start. With this step-by-step business plan, you can map out every stage of taking a business from idea to reality. Outline your pitch, establish goals, track progress and it’s all there in one streamlined interface. And giving them this gift should definitely get you cut in for at least 5% of company profits, right?

The Black Friday Mac Bundle, feat. PDF Expert and Roxio Toast Titanium – $23.20 (94 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

PDF editor PDF Expert, digital media suite Roxio Toast, optimization wizard MacReviver – just three of the eight top-grade apps together in this all-inclusive bundle. Any Mac user would need any of these projects to get their Mac humming at top precision, sporting some of the most powerful tools available. And why pick just one software app to give when you can just give everything?

The Corel Painter 2017 Bundle – $199.20 (84 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Here’s the package to get any digital art career off the ground immediately. Between Corel Painter 2017, AfterShot 3 and ParticleShop, the right student will have all the tools and training needed to begin taking a love of online art to the next level. And considering Corel Painter 2017 sports a $429 price tag on its own, the overall value here is pretty clear.

Virtual Training Company: Lifetime Subscription – $71.20 (97 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Know anybody curious about almost everything? Here’s the learning package that pretty much never stops. With a lifetime of Virtual Training Company coursework, you’re giving access to over 1,000 online courses running the gamut from Animation and 3D and business applications to networking and security to programming, graphics, and game design. The thirst for knowledge is unquenchable… so feed that need at a super-low price.


Graphic Design Certification School: Lifetime Subscription – $20 (97 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Between Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator, this 3-course package will show you how to create virtually anything with the most popular graphics software apps in the world. With over 41 hours of training, you’ll even come away with certification to help actually get a job creating gorgeous visuals of a dozen different varieties.

UI & UX Design Bootcamp – $31.20 (97 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

For the wannabe app designer around your holiday table, this is a package that’ll assure programs and sites work just as great as they look. With equal training in the nuts and bolts of functionality (User Interface; or UI) and the look and feel of engagement (User Experience; or UX), it’s a package of instruction that’ll cover all the bases. It’s all aspects of web design in one tidy course.

The Complete Machine Learning Bundle – $31.20 (96 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Here’s the one for the tech dreamer who wants to build his or her own sentient robot race. From the software tools to the processes to the practical applications of artificial intelligence, this 10-course machine learning package will put any open-minded visionary on a path to understanding how machines can think for themselves — and what to do with those amazing creations.

Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification – $16 (99 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Once they’ve outgrown the selfie, help a budding shutterbug take the next step with a professional-grade photography education, courtesy of the Hollywood Art Institute. From a world-renowned curriculum to a full roster of training materials to direct contact with photography experts to serve as guides, any student will start taking better pictures overnight. It’s almost $2,600 worth of top-notch training… for the cost of a stocking stuffer.

Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course & Certification – $23.20 (99 percent off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

If you’re going to use social media, use it right… and this 12-course package is all about the do’s and don’ts of using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to their utmost. With this training, a web-savvy communicator learns how to build an audience, how to market to that audience and how to gauge whether your social posts are meeting their goals. Want to be a paid social media expert? Here’s how…

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