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This article was published on April 9, 2009

Music & Bits: An exploration of music & technology

Music & Bits: An exploration of music & technology
Edial Dekker
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Edial Dekker

Edial Dekker is a New Media student at the University in Amsterdam. He works as a freelancer and is specialized in the arts of data visualiz Edial Dekker is a New Media student at the University in Amsterdam. He works as a freelancer and is specialized in the arts of data visualization. He is also co-founder of BLOG08 and is involved in many side-projects that have to do with new media. If you are interested in data visualizations, be sure to drop an e-mail. See his LinkedIn profile and Blog for more information.

As you know, The fourth Next Web Conference will be held on April 15-17 in Amsterdam. To complement the main days (16th & 17th of April) of keynotes and booth, the first day there will be three smaller events- Mobile Dev CampMusic & Bits and The Current Web.
The 15th of April, Music & Bits will collaborate with Mobile Dev Camp to offer you a glance of what’s happening in the world of music & technology. While there are two different ‘tracks of interest’ in the same venue (Spaces), we will have different programs. We’ll start at 10:00h and finish the day with some drinks together at 16:30h.
We are very proud to have the following speakers on stage:

Alexander Ljung is a young entrepreneur born in the UK, raised in Sweden & now living & working in Berlin. he is the co-founder of SoundCloud, a music service in ‘the cloud’ and an ex-author, ex-sounddesigner, ex-business adviser and current-hobby-hacker.

Lucas Gonze of founded Webjay, was the lead author of XSPF, created Yahoo! Media Player, was a Director of Product Management at Yahoo! Music, helped found CC Mixter and has contributed to numerous open-source projects. He is a leader of web music.

Steve Jang Steve is an entrepreneur, technologist, and music freak.  Most recently, he was a business co-founder and CMO at imeem, where he helped envision and design the imeem social music service and built the product management, marketing and business development operations. Together with the founding team at imeem, Steve played an instrumental role in creating the leading social music platform on the web and mobile, used by over 120mm people each month worldwide.

We will also have several start-up sessions throughout the day with Twones, 3voor12, Mupps and Mustick.
If you have a NextWeb ticket you’ll only need to sign up here. If not, you can request an invite and we might invite to to our gig. Don’t have a NextWeb ticket? you can request an invite here and we might invite you (free of costs). Be sure to sign up fast because we can only welcome a limited amount of attendees. NextWeb attendees will get a priority invite. Contact Peter Robinett (Mobile Dev Camp) or Edial Dekker (Music & Bits) for more info on both events.