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This article was published on June 18, 2010

140 characters to infamy. Take control of David on Demand.

140 characters to infamy.  Take control of David on Demand.

Ever felt like a slave to your computer?  I bet it’s not even close to what this dude has coming.

Meet David Perez, aka David on Demand.

David is your typical 20-something guy.  He has a job in advertising, loves his job and would give anything to head to Cannes for the Lions International Advertising Festival.  The only difference?  His boss said that he’d foot the bill for David to go to Cannes, on one condition.

David has to spend an entire week doing whatever the world wants him to do, all live on Twitter.  So yes, within the bounds of legality, if you say it, he’ll do it.  To prove it, he’ll spend the week wearing glasses equipped with a webcam to stream his every move all week.

What does Perez think of this?

“I think I will have to do a lot of crazy things, and I’m terrified about some of them.  I’m going to take it as it comes. sometimes doing one will mean not doing others. i’ll have to see how it goes”

So check him out, starting on June 20th, and see what he does during his trip. So far, David is up to 2,131 followers but you can bet that number will skyrocket as the news gets out.