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10 ways entrepreneurs can de-stress

10 ways entrepreneurs can de-stress
George Beall
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George Beall

The life of an entrepreneur is not without its challenges. Often days are cluttered with business meetings, sifting through emails, reaching out to potential influencers, monitoring social media, and tracking potential growth, just to name a few. Juggling all of these responsibilities and maintaining a mindset of always being ready to hustle can be quite draining in the long haul.

However, without proper relaxation, even the most motivated entrepreneurs can suffer the consequences of sustaining an intense work ethic without proper rest.

Here are 10 ways that entrepreneurs can easily de-stress from their responsibilities and energize for the days ahead.

1. Identify sources of stress

The first step to de-stressing is pinpointing the most direct causes of stress from your daily routine

With so many daily responsibilities to balance, entrepreneurs can have stress stemming from several sources, so this step may seem redundant and unhelpful, but the practice of identifying these sources of discomfort can be crucial in crafting a plan to deal with these ongoing pressures.

Curbing stress can be an involved process, but taking the time to find the exact causes of stress can help with the overall process of combating these feelings.

2. Hit the gym

Daily exercise is one of the most beneficial practices for everyone, especially for entrepreneurs trying to blow off steam or escape from the discomforts of their busy everyday lives.

In addition, exercise doesn’t have to consist of lifting heavy weights or running long distances; simply being active for an hour a day can have both physical and mental health benefits. Getting in better shape and frequent exercise can lead to more overall energy and a better mental state to deal with sources of stress.

3. Turn away from technology

“Today everything from entertainment to business is conducted through the Internet, and so most people find themselves “plugged in” multiple hours a day, if not longer,” says Deep Patel, the founder of Owlmetrics, an Instagram analytics tool. Entrepreneurs in particular may be checking the Internet and social media for a large part of the day to conduct their daily responsibilities. Eventually, these tasks and their accompanying stress can become increasingly associated with technology.

Taking a break from looking at screens and checking the Internet can afford entrepreneurs a much-needed break from whatever has been influencing their stress. In addition, this escape from technology can allow them to reflect on their lives outside of business and technology, which can ultimately help identify sources of stress.

4. Early to bed

Many entrepreneurs carry the prevailing attitude to always stay busy. Although this mindset works wonders for business interests, it is less than beneficial for those people who forego other needs like sleep to attack their other projects.

Productivity is fine, but a lack of restful sleep can be a contributing factor in feelings of stress building up. By endeavoring to go to sleep earlier or fitting short periods of rest in busy days, stress can largely be eliminated since the body and mind are given ample time to recover from the weight of daily responsibilities.

5. Pick up crafting

Working nonstop can become such a tedious, repetitive cycle, that it’s no wonder why entrepreneurs can become so affected by stressful emotions. One remedy for this issue is picking up a simple hobby.

Nothing complex or mind-wracking is needed; in fact, according to Harvard researcher Herbert Benson, simpler, more repetitive hobbies like knitting and stitching have been proven to reduce stress levels. Since the practice is easy yet continuous, it can help take a person’s mind off whatever is causing them stress, even for a little while.

6. Listen to good music 

Classical music has long been associated with certain de-stressing qualities, like slowing your heart rate and lowering blood pressure. However, listening to music you like can have the added benefit of filling your brain with chemicals like dopamine that cause warmer feelings of comfort.

Entrepreneurs feeling the weight of the world on their back could benefit greatly from setting aside some time everyday, when the feelings of stress are at their worst, to sit down and put on some of their favorite tunes. Taking in those moments can combat feelings of stress and even motivate people to get back to work with greater energy.

7. Buy a plant.

Not all cures to stress have to be complicated. Studies have shown plants to possess a unique calming effect that can counteract rising stress levels. Entrepreneurs can simply buy a small houseplant and place it somewhere inconspicuous like their office desk.

Then, when the feelings of stress hit hardest, they can reduce those feelings, even slightly, just by being around that tiny houseplant.

8. Get a snack

Stress eating gets the stigma of pigging out on unhealthy junk foods instead of dealing with outside pressures. Although eating unhealthy foods definitely doesn’t help your situation, eating a snack when feeling stressed actually isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be.

Having a moderate, filling snack can immediately fight against stress because the brain will no longer receive signals of hunger or malnourishment. Entrepreneurs who have a mindful snack when feeling stressed can reduce those feelings drastically.

9. Breathe deeply

Sometimes the easiest way to cope with stress is by simply stepping back and taking a deep breath. Dr. Herbert Benson states that breathing exercises can help reduce stress by putting the body in a more relaxed state.

So entrepreneurs feeling the weight of their responsibilities especially heavily can just take a few breaths to reduce their blood pressure and reduce stress and tension from within.

10. Go for a short walk

Stress happens. Entrepreneurs can pretty much accept it as fact that doing business goes hand in hand with feeling pressured. Coping with these tensions may seem difficult, but something as insignificant as a short walk can be the cure.

Slowing your stride and reflecting on the past day can help ground the emotions of people experiencing heavy stress, especially when they feel like they’ve been rushing through everything else at a thousand miles an hour.

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