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This article was published on June 30, 2014

    10 Mac apps worth $400 – but you name the price

    10 Mac apps worth $400 – but you name the price Image by: Feng Li
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    Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

    StackSocial has launched its latest Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle. This one, dubbed “The Summer Blockbuster,” features a few of our favorite apps like Fantastical, Flux, Gemini, and more. In full, it’s 10 Mac Apps worth $400, but you name the price.

    For any price over $1, you can get Tangerine, DiscLabel, and SyncMate. Or, if you beat the average price, you’ll get all 10 apps. This includes Fantastical, a powerful calendar app for Mac, which is one of TNW’s essential Mac Apps. Also included are Flux 4 (a Dreamweaver competitor), and handy utility apps like Path Finder and Gemini.

    This bundle has a few different angles to it. For example, if you land on the leaderboard at any time during the promotion, you will be entered to win a new 11-inch MacBook Air. In addition, 10% of your purchase price will be donated to a charity of your choosing (Child’s Play, World Wildlife Fund, Creative Commons).

    Here’s a full list of the apps included:

    • Path Finder 6 ($40) – Access & Manage Your Files In A Flash
    • Fantastical ($20) – The Mac Calendar You’ll Actually Enjoy Using
    • Flux 4 ($125) – Powerful Mac Web Design Made Easy
    • Gemini ($10) – The Duplicate Finder – Mac App Store Best of 2012
    • Logoist ($20) – Develop Professional Quality Images With Easy
    • Tangerine! ($25) – Create Amazing Playlists For Any Situation Or Activity
    • DiscLabel ($40) – One Step To Professional-Looking Labels
    • Tunes Cleaner ($40) – Delete Duplicate Songs & Organize Your iTunes Library
    • MacX iPhone DVD Ripper ($40) – Rip Any DVD to your iPhone, iPad, or any Apple Device
    • SyncMate Expert 5 ($40) – Sync All Your Devices and Accounts To Your Mac

    If you have any questions or just want to check out the bundle, head to StackSocial below:

    ➤ The Name Your Own Price Summer Blockbuster Mac Bundle

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