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This article was published on January 6, 2011

10 iOS Gadgets at CES 2011

10 iOS Gadgets at CES 2011
Brodie Beta
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Brodie Beta

Brodie Beta is a technology enthusiast with a passion for gadgets, media and anything related to the Web. She has worked in communications Brodie Beta is a technology enthusiast with a passion for gadgets, media and anything related to the Web. She has worked in communications and media for the past nine years. Follow her on twitter here .

We’ve rounded up 10 gadgets from CES 2011 that all have one thing in common, they’ll work with your iPhone /iPad or iPod.

Withing’s Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure CuffWithing’s Blood Pressure Monitor is another interesting medical device that is using the power of iOS apps to monitor your health. It works by connecting the Withing’s branded blood pressure cuff to the iPhone or iPad using its 30-pin connector. Information is then sent to the free iOS app which stores the data for later reference. These type of medical devices will no doubt storm the market this year as smartphones continue to go mainstream. It will be available for $129.

AliveCor’s iPhone ECG Heart Monitor

At first glance, this accessory appears to be a cool-looking case however it’s able to turn the iPhone 4 into a real heart monitor. It’s a wireless “clinical quality cardiac recorder”. Like many of the medical iPhone devices we’ve seen, it works with an iOS app that displays the heartbeats (using the iPhone 4 as a monitor) as it does on heart monitors that you’ve seen in hospitals. It works in two ways, by pressing the case up against your chest or by holding it in your hand. Hopefully this device will work with a wide variety of third party apps as well. This gadget is absolutely incredible to say the least. It’s expected to retail for about $100.

ElectroHub Charging Station

electrohubThe ElectroHub charging station will finally be showcased at CES 2011. We’ve been waiting for this one for a while due to its ability to charge almost any device including your TV remote or any device that works with AA / AAA batteries. It looks really slick and will charge up to 6 devices at a time –including smartphones. ElectroHub measuring in at 9-inches by 6-inches is .08 inches thin and will set you back $39.

Mophie Pulse

Mophie Pulse was designed for iPod gamers looking to add some tactile rumbling to the gaming experience. The aluminum case sports haptic rumble-feedback, speakers in the front for stereo sound and it has rubbery grippers found on the back of the device. As the video points out below, sadly, it’s not actually able to power the device itself but the rumbling feature looks kinda neat. This is currently just a prototype and Mophie has not released the cost.

Crayola ColorStudio HD

CrayolaThe Crayola iMarker is a new custom-built digital stylus that enhances colouring on the iPad. Crayola, in partnership with Griffin Technology are showing off their new product at CES that is targeted at children, although we won’t judge you if you want one for yourself –it does look fun. The iMarker is held like a regular marker but works with the use of an iPad app that enables children to paint and doodle on the screen. This creative system is called Crayola ColorStudio HD and it will be priced at $29.99 when it’s released in March 2011.

Iomega SuperHero

If you live and die by the photos and contacts that you take on the iPhone this might be a handy device for you. This Iomega iPhone dock charges the device and works in unison with an iOS app that will assist you in backing up your images and contacts to an SD card. It comes with a 4GB SD card but also allows you to swap that out with your own card. The best thing about the SuperHero is the fact that its companion app will restore your data should you lose your phone. This dock will cost you $69.99. It seems a bit expensive for something you can do by syncing your phone and again, it is limited to just pictures and contacts.

Cinemin Slice iPad dock

This is an iPad dock with a cool twist. It’s a multimedia Pico projector audio dock that makes it easy to share videos and images from your device. Cinemin Slice is a plug-n- play device that uses a 30pin connector which makes it compatible with iOS devices. However, you can also use it with media devices that support HDMI (1.3) and it has AV ports for personal media players. The VGA port will additionally support PC’s netbooks and laptops. This device is brought to you by WowWee and boasts that Cinemin Slice will project “crisp 60-inch image from over 10 feet away, or from floor-to-ceiling in a typical room.” A cool piece of gear that will set you back $429.99

Joby’s GorillaMobile Ori

Joby, the company that brought us the popular line of durable GorillaMobile tripods has a new product called Ori. It’s an adjustable aluminum stand for the iPad that aims to help users get more comfortable with their iPads. The stand, inspired by Origami, allows you to tweak the display height and use the swivel function to move between landscape and portrait modes. It’s constructed of a “super-strong, lightweight aluminum composite”. It also appears to fold down nicely when its not in use. Overall, its height and design is a major win. It retails for $79.95.

BodyMedia FIT Armband BW

Just in time for the after-holiday weight loss frenzy, the BodyMedia Fit Armband BW will help you get back on track by monitoring the calories you’ve burned. This fitness add-on works over Bluetooth and sends information to an iOS app such as how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories were burned by each activity. We’ve been a fan of fitness apps like Runkeeper that monitors your distance and they’ve also recently come out with a similar heart monitor feature.

Oxygen Audio’s O Car

Oxygen Audio’s O Series, the “O-Car” is a new car entertainment system that turns your iPhone into an interactive faceplate for the stereo. The iPhone slips into the dock allows users to make hands-free calls while accessing any app (including GPS) on your phone. Users can of course access their entire iTunes collection and receive a charge while the iPhone is attached. The user interface works in both with an app that enables users to quickly flip through stations by using a swipe gesture on the screen.

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