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This article was published on May 7, 2011

10 fantastic social media campaign videos you shouldn’t miss

10 fantastic social media campaign videos you shouldn’t miss

We watch thousands of videos every month to try and get the amazing content that we share with you and I wanted to share 10 of the best social media campaign videos that we’ve spotted so far this year. You can use these for inspiration for your own campaigns or just to see what is happening in the industry.

There really has been a huge rise in social media videos and it seems that every agency and brand makes a video to highlight the great work they have been doing. Not only are social media videos great to show off the work you are doing internally within the company but they also are starting to take on their own life with coverage for the best ones on blogs and websites like this. Some of these are big budget campaigns but there are also smaller simple campaigns where the idea is the star and hopefully you’ll be able to take some inspiration for your own social media campaigns from these videos…

Ben & Jerry’s – Fair Tweets

Ben & Jerry’s have been quick to embrace social media since the start and their latest campaign allows you to use up the spare letters in your tweets to send fair trade messages via a handy little browser plugin.

Fiat Street Evo » The app that evolved streets forever

With QR codes and location based services all the rage at the moment Fiat decided to tap in to both those trends and create a little bit of marketing genius of their own by turning the world’s road signs in to an interactive game.

Your Delft blue portrait on a real KLM plane!

KLM have been in to social in a big way for the last couple of years with lots of innovative campaigns and this latest one tapped in to Dutch culture by allowing you to customize your own photos on Facebook and then have them added to a giant plane.

Lynx Excite Angel Ambush London Victoria

Augmented reality has been on the rise and this campaign from Lynx spiced up the commute in one of London’s busiest train stations by allowing passers by to interact with their angels on a giant screen.

Renault connects Facebook to the AutoRAI with RFID

Facebook is great for interacting and sharing in the online world but Renault decided to bring that in to the real world using RFID tags to let uses at a motor show tag the cars they liked most and push that info back on to Facebook in real time.

PepsiCo Social Vending

Soft drink vending machines have not changed in nature for some time now but Pepsi decided to release a new social vending machine recently which allowed users to interact and gift drinks to their friends.

Volkswagen – Fox no Planeta Terra – Twitter Zoom – English

This is one of the most innovative Twitter campaigns that we have seen as it tapped in to a youth market via a music festival and the race around a Brazilian city to find the hidden tickets via an interactive treasure hunt.

Heineken Star Player

Fantasy football games are nothing out of the ordinary but Heineken have taken things to a new level with an interactive app that turns every single action within a Champions league game in to an experience. Unlocking treats and competing against others makes this a great interactive experience.

Mercurial Superfly: The Machine

When one of the world’s top footballers adds a camera to his back and allows you to play a game where you can control his actions via Facebook you know it’s not just any small local campaign. This is genius marketing from Nike and submerged the user in a whole new way.