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The promise of voice AI lies at work, not at home

Conversational AI has been around for a few years now, in our phones, smart speakers, and throughout connected homes. And while the adoption of this tech is steadily increasing, most applications in this space essentially only enable you to push buttons using your voice.

The next frontier for conversational AI lies beyond your doorstep. From education to workforce automation to retail, the scope for plenty of novel new applications is opening up as the technology improves.

As Shreyas Nivas of Replica wrote recently, we will see a shift in voice AI from services being “primarily transactional — ‘Alexa, tell me the weather’ — to being based on dynamic interactions and relationships between characters in any digital narrative or experience.”

There are gains to be made in better understanding nuance in human speech, deriving more insights from the data in users’ commands and questions, interaction personalization, and delivering more natural responses.

To that end, companies like NYC-based Rain are working on solutions to leverage these advancements and deploy them across organizations — and even help brands create unique voice-powered experiences for their customers.

Nithya Thadani
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Published September 29, 2020 — 11:52 UTC