Boxee gets BBC iPlayer, Joost and MTV Music Support!

Boxee gets BBC iPlayer, Joost and MTV Music Support!

boxeeIf you haven’t come across Boxee yet, you’re in for a treat. Boxee is a free, open-source software platform that lets users control their media from a computer-connected TV. Like other media applications, you can watch movies or web video, listen to music, browse photos and more, all with your remote control.

Today the Boxee team are at CES, but they have a number of newsworthy announcements worth sharing with you.

  • Firstly, Boxee are announcing support for BBC iPlayer! This is a major integration considering it was only a few weeks back that Mac/Linux support were announced by the BBC. Sadly, it is only available to UK users however I have a good feeling the BBC will open up the service (supported by ads) in the very near future.
  • That’s not all, they’ve also integrated Joost. Joost’s content library has grown impressively over recent months with TV Shows, Web Videos, music videos and movies – all now available via Boxee. This is an interesting turn of events considering Joost recently abandoned the desktop application for an in-browser experience.
  • For the MTV heads out there, Boxee have added support for MTV’s latest release MTV Music allowing you to search by artist, song or just have a browse.

I have yet to try out the additional releases but if the integration is up to the standard of previous releases, this should be a slick iteration.

Finally, in respect to availability, Boxee have opened up the alpha release to Mac, Ubuntu and Apple TV – all you need to do is signup. Windows is also moving into private-alpha, which will still require an invite but apparently invites are being sent in the thousands so you shouldn’t need to wait long.

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