Secret hot new Music startup. We have invites

Secret hot new Music startup. We have invites

Update: This service is now official in Private Beta, you can get invites here.

We have invites for one of the up and coming music services. It is very Hush Hush and there have been a handful people testing it. So still in super secret beta, but especially for The Next Web they have opened the doors for 250 Next Web readers to test this new service. To keep things exciting we like to keep the secrecy and we’ll not mention the name of this highly secret company.
All we are saying is that it is a new music startup (rock on!) and you can be in before everybody else! Well…. unless you promise one thing: They shall take the vow.

The vow (inspired by Shakespeare):
They shall keep the name of the startup secret and they will not tell it to anybody, nor put it they blog, twitter about it or say the name in they sleep to they dear beloved.

OK, here is the deal. We have 250 invites, and if you want one, please leave a comment.
If you’re good at keeping a secret you’re welcome to join the new music revolution.

P.S. Internet Explorer users have to wait another 2 weeks, sorry.
P.S. 2 This service is still early stage, there might be some bugs and/or some missing edges here and there.

Update: I’ll send out the invites tomorrow (Tuesday) morning (GMT +1). Keep it coming

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