Music Map proves that being a rock star is madness

Music Map proves that being a rock star is madness

Would you like to know where to see your favorite artist this summer? Head over to The Last(.fm) Music Map, a – good guess – Google Maps mash-up by Italian webdeveloper Michele Marcucci. The Music Map imports concert data from and shows it on a Google map of the world. The site also showcases similar artists to the one you were searching for. And guess what, I’ve already bought a ticket via this übercool mash-up

My hero used to be Lenny Kravitz. Till my sixteenth I used to buy every album the man released. One minor detail though, I’d never seen him on stage. Well, this is gonna change as I’ve found out via Music Map that the 44-year old rocker will perform in Holland on June 28th.

music map

Though I’m happy with my concert ticket for mr. Kravitz, I’m pretty sure this will be my last visit to Music Map. There’s nothing that stimulates me to come back. So an useful contribution the site would be a ‘keep me up to date’ option. Like a RSS feed or weekly newsletter. Otherwise I’ll just browse to the events section of

By the way, checking out where your music hero is playing is not the only interesting aspect of the Music Map, as you can also tell how hectic it must be to be a rock star. A map like this makes you realize that these guys are flying some miles. I guess I’ll stick to blogging…

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