Fabchannel.com teams up with Universal Music

Fabchannel.com teams up with Universal Music

The world’s largest live music platform Fabchannel.com today announced that they’ve partnered up with the Dutch division of Universal Music. To be exact: concerts by Universal’s artists, recorded in the Netherlands, will be available as a high-quality video stream on Fabchannel.

Pop temple Paradiso

Fabchannel offers on-demand videos of more than 850 concerts, recorded in Paradiso and Melkweg in Amsterdam, Sala Bikini and Apollo in Barcelona and The Roxy in Los Angeles. Stars like Bloc Party, Damien Rice, The Frames and Simple Minds are already featured on the site.

Here in Amsterdam, Fabchannel is really popular. The only complaints I hear are about the lack of big stars on the site. Most of the times their record label doesn’t want to allow the video streams. This will change as Fabchannel has a deal with world’s largest record label.

I think it’s great news, and we partly owe it to Amsterdam and Foreman Capital, who bought some shares in Fabchannel. That allowed the music service to intensify their commercial and promotional activities and this deal probably is a direct consequence of that.

I hope other record companies will follow, so that I can watch more great recordings of my favorite bands. For now, you and I can enjoy this concert of The View:

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