Android Messages gets a little closer to iMessage with desktop support

Android Messages gets a little closer to iMessage with desktop support

I’ve been a happy Android user since my first smartphone and there’s only ever been one thing I’ve envied about iPhone users: iMessage. Being able to to easily respond to texts on your computer is wonderful.

Now Google is trying to bring some of that convenience to Android. The company is rolling out an update to Android Messages that lets you reply to text messages via a web browser. Text images and stickers are currently supported, so it should cover most of your messaging needs.

It works a lot like Whatsapp’s web interface, requiring you to scan a QR code on your PC using your mobile device (this is how Allo worked as well). It’s not quite as convenient as Apple’s native support linked to your Apple ID – let alone the lack of voice or video calling – but hey, it’s something.

Granted, this is only applicable to phones running Android Messages. Most manufacturers slap on their own messaging apps, so you’ll either need a stock Android device or have to download Android Messages manually. Still it’s a step in the right direction as Google moves towards making RCS a thing.

RCS, if you’re not familiar, is text messaging on steroids – including support for messaging features we take for granted like read receipts, and high quality media.

Desktop support is another one of those features, so it’s nice to see it checked off the list. Support is in the process of rolling out; you can check it out by going to For more on features coming to messages, check out Google’s blog post at the source link below.

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