Huawei’s Honor hints at releasing a new AI-tinged phone in May

Huawei’s Honor hints at releasing a new AI-tinged phone in May

Honor, a sub-brand of Chinese phone giant Huawei, is hinting at big things to come. An email sent to TNW (and, it seems, various other members of the tech press) asks reporters to “save the date” for an event due to take place in London on May 15, focusing on “Beauty in AI.”

The phone manufacturer’s PR representatives attached a GIF to the email showing London’s cityscape, with a silhouette of a phone overlaid. It also contains a camera shutter effect over the words “AI,” suggesting that the focus of the event will be photography.

That’s hardly a surprise. Honor’s parent company, Huawei, just released two phones that strongly emphasise the camera: namely the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. Huawei has worked hard to ensure that these phones are easily the best-in-class, photography wise, thanks to enhancements made both on the software and hardware side of things.

It makes sense that a lot of sense that Huawei would want to ensure that these improvements are reflected downstream to its cheaper consumer devices sold under the Honor marque.

Of course, until May 15, we can only speculate what Honor is up to. If we hear anything more, you can be sure to read about it here.

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