Nokia is teaming up with Zeiss to make phone cameras great again

Besides durability and inventive product design, Nokia was also known for the impressive cameras on its N series and Lumia line of phones. It’s now looking to reclaim that glory by teaming up with its old partner in crime, lens maker Zeiss.

The German optics firm hasn’t worked with Nokia on the first bunch of budget and mid-range phones released under its new owner, HMD Global. But Nokia is believed to be working on a flagship that’s set for release soon, and it’d be nice to see premium camera components in that package. And now that the phone maker has adopted Android, fans of the brand don’t have to deal with Windows Phone’s unimpressive experience if they want to own a Nokia.

HMD’s chief marketing officer, Pekka Rantala, didn’t reveal much about exactly what we could look forward when speaking to CNET, but did call dual cameras “a very interesting idea,” and noted that, “That will give new possibilities for a player like us to possibly explore new experiences.”

Nokia 808 with PureView camera technology

Nokia had previously worked with Zeiss to develop a ‘lossless’ image technology called PureView, as well as a 41-megapixel camera phone back in the day. Hopefully, the two firms will be able to innovate as strongly in this field as they once did.