Samsung might unveil a foldable phone that turns into a tablet this year

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Credit: Samsung / IndVideos / YouTube

While reports about the upcoming Galaxy S8 have been relentlessly rolling in the past few weeks, the latest Samsung-related rumor suggests the company may be finally readying its long-speculated futuristic bendable handset for release.

Citing undisclosed sources, The Korea Herald reports the mobile heavyweight could soon launch a smartphone with an outward-facing panel that folds out into a 7-inch tablet in the second half of this year.

The anonymous insiders told the South Korean publication Samsung is expected to ship over 100,000 units of the fold-out device in the third quarter of 2017. If the alleged number is anything to go by, it seems the company will be targeting the device to a niche audience – or perhaps has premium price point in mind.

The phone-maker purportedly initially had plans to build a fold-in handset but ultimately ditched the idea, fearing users might find it inconvenient to unfold their device anytime they use it.

Samsung was first said to be developing a foldable device following reports the company had filed a patent for a bendable mobile technology back in 2015 – but rumors about the concept continued to periodically pop up throughout 2016.

Among others, Apple, Xiaomi and LG have also been reportedly toying around with the idea of building non-rigid screens in the past – though things have been quiet as of late.

As the Herald remarks, Samsung is yet to make a final decision about its foldable handset, which means the manufacturer could still opt for a postponed release in 2018. Let’s see how things unfold.

Samsung likely to unveil foldable phones in Q3: source on The Korea Herald

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