iPhone 7 and Google Pixel both lose to Galaxy S7 Edge in battery charge test

In a new comparison video, popular YouTuber SuperSaf TV squares off Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge, Google’s Pixel XL and Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus to find out which smartphone has the fastest battery charging capabilities – and the outcome might surprise you.

To avoid giving one of the devices an unfair advantage, SuperSaf uses the original chargers that ship along with each handset and puts all phones in flight mode to limit factors that could influence the results, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Each device begins charging at one percent of remaining battery life. As the YouTuber explains, starting from a completely empty battery will give the Android phones an edge as the iPhone needs to switch on before it can begin charging.

apple iphone 7 plus, samsung galaxy s7 edge, google pixel xl

After half an hour of charging, the S7 Edge takes the early lead with 46 percent of battery life, leaving behind the Google Pixel at 24 percent and the iPhone at 18 percent.

The test continues in a similar fashion with the S7 finishing first after approximately an hour and a half of charging. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel XL comes in second with a time of a little over two hours, leaving the lagging iPhone 7 Plus at third with a time of almost three and a half hours.

apple iphone 7 plus, samsung galaxy s7 edge, google pixel xl

What’s particularly interesting is that, in addition to charging up first, the S7 is also the phone with the largest battery out of the three models, packing a 3,600 mAh battery in comparison to the Pixel’s 3,450 mAh and the iPhone’s 2,900 mAh.

While SuperSaf does his best to limit variation, the results should be taken with a grain of salt.

As the YouTuber notes, unlike the iPhone 7, the Pixel and the S7 Edge both support fast charging, which would account for the much slower charging speed of Apple’s flagship smartphone.

Another thing to consider is that the standard iPhone charger is not as powerful as the charger that ships with the iPad, which is also compatible with Apple’s flagship smartphone. Chances are that charging the iPhone with the iPad charger would breed much faster charging speeds.

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