Another Samsung device caught fire and it’s not the Note 7 this time

samsung galaxy s7 edge, galaxy s8

When it rains, it pours. Against the backdrop of the recent exploding Note 7 debacle, another Samsung device has caught on fire – but this time it’s the Galaxy S7 Edge.

An anonymous source working for “one of the big” US wireless carriers claims a customer brought in a fatally damaged S7 Edge, insisting the phone blew up while charging, Phone Arena reports.

The incident occurred last week after the S7 owner left the phone to power up overnight, using the original charger provided by Samsung. According to the source, the customer in question received the handset two weeks ago as a replacement to his new Note 7.

Worryingly, this isn’t the first explosion involving a faulty Galaxy S7.

Last month, a construction worker from Ohio sued Samsung after his S7 device blew up in his pants, causing severe burns to his leg. Prior to that, another S7 owner claimed his phone burst into flames as it was charging overnight.

Despite facing a lot of heat for its recent fire-catching Note 7 misadventures, Samsung still managed to stay afloat in its last quarter. However, another line of exploding Samsung devices could be a blow the South Korean giant cannot recover from.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge explodes while charging on Phone Arena

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