Watch: Hilarious GTA parody pokes fun at Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7

Samsung devices have been blowing up left and right, and the latest venue to suffer a Galaxy Note 7-related explosion is now the open world of GTA V.

Modder HitmanNiko has developed a hilarious mod for Rockstar’s smash-hit game that turns your Galaxy Note 7 phone into a highly volatile bomb – and you’re absolutely going to love it.

Essentially, the witty mod replaces the standard sticky bomb with Samsung’s flagship smartphone, which means you can now walk around town and wreak havoc with your bangin’ new Galaxy Note 7.


While there are no Samsung stores in the world of GTA, you can buy as many explosive Note 7 devices as you want from every gun store you can find within the game.


Watch the video in the section above to get a better idea of what the mod looks like.

Itching to set some cars ablaze with your Galaxy Note 7 just for fun? Head to this page for more details on how to download and install the quirky mod for the PC version of the game.

GTA 5 MOD - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Bomb) on YouTube

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