Sprint reps will personally deliver your next phone upgrade to your house

Sprint Direct 2 You header

Starting today in Kansas City, Sprint is launching a new program to have service reps hand-deliver your phone upgrade to you at your home, and also help you migrate your data and set up your new device.

Sprint’s Direct 2 You service is initially open to existing customers who are eligible for an upgrade, and is free and optional. The company says it will meet customers at any location they specify, whether it’s their office, the gym or a coffee shop — and arrive exactly on time.


The service will be handled by support executives from a third-party partner, who will arrive in a Sprint-branded vehicle and take customers through the process of switching to their new phones in about an hour.

You can also have your old device valued by a Direct 2 You technician and sell it to Sprint for bill credit, similar to the company’s in-story program.

It’s interesting that Sprint is changing things up with a somewhat old-school approach to customer service. It makes sense, too: this could be just the thing for novice users who want a new phone but can’t configure it themselves.

Direct 2 You will kick off today with a team of about 30. Sprint estimates it will create about 5,000 new jobs by the time its program is fully rolled out, and will also service new customers beginning September. It will arrive in Chicago and Miami on April 20 and expand nationally throughout 2015.

Sprint Direct 2 You [Sprint Press Releases]

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