EE’s Power Bar scheme lets you grab a new portable charger whenever you like

EE’s Power Bar scheme lets you grab a new portable charger whenever you like
Credit: EE

Update: April 16 – The scheme is now live. Eligible EE customers can text ‘POWER’ to 365 (at a cost of 35p) to receive a promotional code, which can then be redeemed against a Power Bar in store. 

With smartphone battery life a long lamented pain point of pretty much any smartphone from the last few years, EE has today launched a scheme aimed at ensuring its network customers remain fully-charged.

The ‘Power to the People’ initiative will allow any currently active mobile and broadband customers to get hold of a free Power Bar portable charger by opting in via SMS.

To qualify for the free charger, you need to be on a 30-day or 12 – 24 month plan for mobile, fixed line or broadband services. The company said that PAYG users can also participate, but that they need to have been a network customer for at least three months.



Each 2,600mAh charger holds roughly enough charge for one full smartphone charge, and once you’ve depleted it, you can simply walk into an EE store and swap it for another fully charged one (or keep hold of it and charge it at home yourself).

While it’s clearly a smart move to remove one of the biggest frustrations from its customers’ lives – no one wants a dead battery half way through the day – it’s also not exactly an altruistic move; phones that are switched on can use data, send messages and make calls. Phones that are dead cannot.

The scheme will launch “in the coming weeks,” EE said.

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