Samsung drops, submerges and bakes the Galaxy S4 in new ‘reliability test’ video

Samsung drops, submerges and bakes the Galaxy S4 in new ‘reliability test’ video

Samsung has taken us behind the scenes of how it tests the ‘reliability’ of the Galaxy S4 and, we presume, the rest of its smartphone product line at its Korea headquarters.

In the video below — which is in Korean with some English subs — the phone-maker puts the flagship S4 through a range of tests. After each one, the handset must be in full working order in order to pass; though Samsung doesn’t reveal its pass/fail rate.

The series of ordeals ranges from hundreds of drops and falls, to attempts to shatter the front glass, a dip into a sink of water and — the interestingly worded — temperature and humidity torture test (aka an oven session followed by a salt water sauna).

The result of all of this — it says — is a smartphone that is “strong enough for the wear and tear of daily life”. Naturally the company advises its customer to refrain from copying its test lab fun and games on their own devices: “these tests are run by trained professionals”.

Samsung came under some pressure over its phones of late after a Reddit user alleged that his Galaxy S3, the forerunner to the S4, caught fire in the middle of the night while charging on his bed. Samsung promptly investigated the issue — might the release of this video be related to proving its devices are reliable?

Flaming devices aren’t just limited to Samsung and the S4, of course, the iPhone 5 is also said to have ‘exploded’ in the hands of some users before.

Headline image via Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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