Amazon adds bulk app distribution abilities to Whispercast for Kindle

Amazon adds bulk app distribution abilities to Whispercast for Kindle

In mid-October last year, Amazon debuted an online tool called Whispercast for Kindle, which basically allows organizations to manage their Kindle devices and distribute Kindle books and docs over the Web.

Today, Amazon announced that Whispercast now also supports the bulk distribution of applications from Amazon to Kindle Fire tablets.

The company had promised that support for bulk app distribution would be coming, but it took them long enough.

The new feature essentially means that schools, businesses and other organizations can now procure and distribute apps to their users en masse instead of having to manually make a purchase through each and every one of their user accounts. This new ability also incentivizes these organizations to buy Kindles for staff or students, of course.

Now, an administrator can simply log in to Whispercast, find the app they want to buy, and push it out to all managed Kindle Fire tablets.

If their users have their own personal Kindle Fire, the school or business can also use Whispercast to invite them to opt in and gift Kindle Fire apps directly to their Amazon account.

Image credit: Joe Klamar for AFP / Getty Images

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