The Lumia 920 is all but sold out on both Amazon, and AT&T’s website, indicating potentially high demand

The Lumia 920 is all but sold out on both Amazon, and AT&T’s website, indicating potentially ...

If you scoot over the Amazon’s mobile store and try to purchase a Nokia Lumia 920 handset, you will be faced with a delay of one to two weeks, regardless of what color device you desire.

The phones are sold out for now, it seems. The situation is hardly better on AT&T’s website, at which the only Lumia 920 model that is not listed as ‘Out of Stock’  is the white SKU.

A blowout for the devices on the scale of an iPhone launch? Of course not; be serious. However, these quick sellouts could indicate that pent-up demand for the halo Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset was larger than anticipated. This could be construed as positive in two ways: it may indicate that prior Windows Phone fans are moving to Windows Phone 8 – meaning that the dumping of old hardware by Microsoft with the new version of its platform was not as off-putting as some expected – and that Nokia may have found stronger footing this year than last when it comes to simply moving hardware.

Nokia is the key Windows Phone OEM, in theory. HTC’s 8X handset has been making waves and stealing headlines from Nokia’s line of Windows Phone handsets. The 8X’s sharp design and minimalist hardware have made it a darling among the media.

But the Lumia 920 appears to be selling strongly where it matters: among the average consumer. We’ll see how long the backlog lasts. The longer, the potentially better the sales.

TNW asked Microsoft yesterday for a sales update concerning Windows Phone and were, as per usual, rebuffed. We’ll keep asking.

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