Samsung updates its TecTile NFC tags to include Google+ sharing, multiple actions and unlocking

Samsung updates its TecTile NFC tags to include Google+ sharing, multiple actions and unlocking

Samsung has furthered its NFC push in the U.S. where the Korean electronics giant has rolled out version 3.0 of its TecTile mobile application, a cool service that lets customers to tap into the wireless technology to develop easily customised NFC tags.

The update to the app — which can be used to carry out a range of activities:  such as opening applications, checking into places via Foursquare, updating social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, or making calls — comes with a bevvy of new features that the company hopes will provide an enhanced user experience.

Users can now program multiple actions to one single TecTile, for example customising one to switch on BlueTooth, launch a Sat Nav app and call voicemail when entering a car, giving the potential to create NFC-powered tag ‘cocktails’. Equally, the addition of customised profiles further stretch the usage of tags by allowing them to be programmed for different needs: such as ‘work’, ‘home’, or ‘car’. The profiles are not fixed and can be customised to whatever a user wants, getting more out of a tag than ever before.

The update has also brought tag history, which sees data logged and saved for future use and reference, while privacy has been addressed with an option to create tags that can be read by the owner only.

Going the other way round, those tags that have been locked can now be unlocked, giving new life to the TecTiles that would previous only lock one way.

Samsung has also introduced new settings, which allow different usage of tags and that is where the fun really starts. At the top of the list is integration with Google+, Google Talk, Google Places and Glympse (location sharing), which — like the tie-ins with Foursquare, Facebook and LinkedIn — will let users update their status and presence simply by connecting with a tag.

Other new features include the option to share or edit an electronic business card, forward a call or send a pre-written email to a specific address. The tags can now also be used to toggle between play/pause settings on device music players, or play specific tracks.

You can find more details about TecTile over at the dedicated Q&A page here and the Samsung U.S. site. A pack of 5 stickable tags costs $14.99.

Image via Flickr / jfingas

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