Here’s what the new gaming experience on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets will look like

Here’s what the new gaming experience on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets will look like

Two weeks ago, Amazon introduced its latest tablet, the Kindle Fire HD, which comes in two screen sizes, 7 inches and 8.9 inches. The new Kindle Fire tablets will offer players a revamped gaming experience, powered by Amazon GameCircle, its version of Apple’s Game Center.

With the upcoming general release of the Amazon GameCircle API, game developers will essentially get more features and visibility.

Today, Amazon revealed on its mobile app developer blog what the aforementioned new gaming experience will look like on Kindle Fire tablets, posting a series of screenshots that show gaming is now front and center overall.

You can find them at the bottom of this post.

Amazon says it has created a new Games library to give players a “home base for their game collection”, and has – quite tellingly – moved the ‘Games’ product category to the very first position in the navigation (before ‘Apps’ and ‘Books’ even).

In said library, players can see all their games, sorted by the most recently played. For games that have integrated with Amazon GameCircle, players can also see their friends, achievement, and leaderboard activity.

GameCircle-enabled games also get several pages of content in the game library, including a “Summary” page, a friends page, an achievements page and a leaderboards page.

Fruthermore, GameCircle will let players connect with other users or import their Facebook Friends to compare achievements and compete for higher scores.

Customers are also able to discover new games by seeing what games their friends own.

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