Still going down: Flailing HTC reports $804m in revenue for August 2012

Still going down: Flailing HTC reports $804m in revenue for August 2012

Troubled Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC this morning announced (PDF) its monthly sales numbers, reporting approximately $804 million (NT$24 billion) in revenue for August 2012, down from $835 million in July 2012.

In addition, HTC reported total unaudited consolidated revenues from January to August 2012 of just south of $7 billion (NT$207.9 billion).   

At the end of July, HTC announced its final results for the second quarter of 2012, reporting revenues of a little over $3 billion (NT$91.04 billion) for the three-month period. Net income after tax in Q2 2012 was a mere $247m (NT$7.4 billion).

Depressing numbers all around. Clearly, the company continues to have a hell of a hard time competing against Apple and Samsung.

For Q3 2012, HTC forecasts revenues to come in between $2.34 billion and $2.7 billion (NT$70 billion and NT$80 billion, respectively), which would represent a 22 percent drop at the low end of that range. HTC said it also expects gross margin to shrink from 27% to 25%, and operating margin from 9% to around 7%, compared to the second quarter of 2012.

HTC has scheduled an event for September 19 and is expected to unveil at least one new Windows Phone 8 handset.

The company also just launched the Desire X, its latest mass-market Android smartphone.

Whatever they’ll be announcing later this month in New York City, it better be damn impressive for their sakes. Either way, the time between the announcement(s) and the actual availability of its new smartphone products will likely make its sales numbers drop even more in the short term.

Late last month, the company lost $40 million following OnLive’s restructuring. The same day, the company then invested $35.4 million into Silicon Valley enterprise software startup Magnet Systems, to buy a 17.1 percent stake.

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