Samsung’s Galaxy S III passes 20 million sales, within 100 days of launch

Samsung’s Galaxy S III passes 20 million sales, within 100 days of launch

The Samsung Galaxy S III was heralded as a stand-out device than can truly challenge Apple and it seems that the early hype is translating to sales after Samsung claimed that its flagship smartphone had passed 20 million sales worldwide, that’s within 100 days of its launch.

The numbers are certainly impressive and Xinhua reports that the figures break down to around 200,000 sales per day. Samsung is traditionally reserved when it comes to discussing sale numbers, but it did reveal how that 20 million splits out regionally: 6 million units were sold in Europe, 4.5 million across Asia, 4 million in North America, and 2.5 million devices on its home turf in South Korea.

News of the landmark comes after the firm revealed that the Android-powered phone had hit the 10 million mark in July, exactly as it had predicted one month previous. Not only has Samsung kept pace with that early speed, but daily sales have grown 190,000 per day in July.

Samsung further stressed its focus on the handset, which will likely gain new competition from Apple’s upcoming new iPhone, and already, it says, the Galaxy S III has generated sales at a rate that is three times faster the Galaxy S II, and six times as fast as the original Galaxy S.

In terms of comparative figures, the Samsung Galaxy S II chalked up 3 million pre-orders. The company recently revealed that it and predecessor the Galaxy S, have together passed 50 million sales across the planet.

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