Latest data shows Apple iOS devices now dominate 65% of all mobile traffic

Latest data shows Apple iOS devices now dominate 65% of all mobile traffic

Chitika has released its August 2012 market share reports, and its mobile traffic one isn’t pretty for most. The big winner is of course Apple, which saw its share of mobile traffic surpass 65 percent.

Not only do iOS devices completely dominate all other options when it comes to browsing the mobile Internet, but they continue to push further ahead, at least according to these numbers. Chitika believes that the upcoming iPhone 5 release, the announcement for which is widely expected on September 12, will only push Apple’s usage share even higher. I don’t doubt it.

So, what are the figures anyway? Only two companies saw a growth between July and August: Apple was up 1.28 percentage points (from 63.75 percent to 65.03 percent) and Samsung was up 1.56 percentage points (from 10.91 percent to 12.47 percent).

Rounding out the top five were three losing companies. HTC tumbled 1.32 percentage points (from 9.16 percent to 7.84 percent), Motorola dropped a whopping 1.63 percentage points (from 7.25 percent to 5.62 percent), and LG fell 1.10 percentage points (from 4.22 percent to 3.12 percent). All the other shares can be considered insignificant last month: Google, Huawei, RIM, ZTE, and an Other category.

It’s worth noting that each part of the aforementioned losing trio has a plan to make a comeback. For example, take Motorola. The company has a launch event today, right now, which you can tune into here: Live from Motorola’s ‘On Display’ launch event in New York.

Then LG has the 5-inch Optimus Vu coming to Europe and Asia this month, rumored by some to be launching tomorrow, and HTC has an event scheduled for September 19.

Despite all this, the only other company that I think will gain significant mobile traffic this year is Google (yes, I realize the search giant owns Motorola). That’s because the 3G Nexus 7 is expected in six weeks. We’ll see how well Mountain View can execute on that one.

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