Hands-on with Nokia’s new Lumia 920 [Photos]

Hands-on with Nokia’s new Lumia 920 [Photos]

Shortly after Nokia finished its ‘Switch to Lumia’ keynote, we were given the opportunity to go hands-on with its new flagship device — the Lumia 920 — to see just how different and unique the new Windows Phone 8 smartphone truly is.

Underneath the hood, the Lumia 920 is powered by Qualcomm’s dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, an 8.7-megapixel PureView camera sensor (not the full 41-megapixels you’ll see on the Nokia 808), NFC support, wireless charging support using the Qi standard, all wrapped up in a sleek polycarbonate design that features a 1280 x 768 pixel PureMotion HD+ display.

And yes, that awesome curved glass is back (and it can be used with gloves on).

While we press for more hands-on time with the device, why not wet your with apetite by looking at our gallery embedded below and read all about the new handset here:

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